Is Loan Modification A Good Idea?


A loan modification can help if you’re behind on paying a loan, such as a mortgage. Defaulting on a secured loan can result in the loss of your home, car, or other valuable possession. Although refinancing a loan is one possibility that can avoid, for example, foreclosure, it may also be possible to modify your […]

How Can I Stop Foreclosure?

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If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments and have received a Notice of Default (NOD) from your lender, foreclosure is still not inevitable. There are several ways a Los Angeles foreclosure attorney can help you delay or stop further action. Sometimes, the lender will be open to a deal, since it’s usually better for them […]

Common Foreclosure Scams to Avoid

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Homeowners often don’t know what to do about foreclosure when they lose their job or face unanticipated hardship. If things aren’t bad enough, a fraudulent foreclosure-related company can get word of your situation (foreclosure filings can be found in public records). Predatory “foreclosure consultants” or “foreclosure specialists” are out there looking for people like you. […]

Protecting Your Home From Foreclosure

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If you, like thousands of Americans, have received a Notice of Default from your lender, your best bet may be to go to court immediately in order to keep your home and prevent a foreclosure. Whether you have received a Notice of Default or not, a skilled Los Angeles foreclosure defense attorney can help you […]

The HAMP Program

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To keep more Americans in their homes, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) established federal guidelines to modify qualifying mortgages. While the program may offer debt relief, the costs of a rejection can be high. Unforeseen fees and penalties may add up quickly while you wait for a decision. Orange County Foreclosure Defense Attorneys The […]

Short Sale Negotiation

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Once notorious for their difficulties, short sales are becoming a more common solution. Recent legislation has made it more difficult to process foreclosures, yet many banks still find that they have a backlog of homes. Unable to clear the backlog through traditional foreclosure, many may be more open to short sales. These factors can empower […]

Second Lien Negotiation

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When facing foreclosure with two mortgages, the second lien holder will not likely foreclose on you. Instead they’ll wait to pursue you in civil court under a breach of contract claim, where they can seize wages and assets or even force you into bankruptcy. A skilled Los Angeles foreclosure defense attorney can negotiate with second […]

REST Report

REST Report - Orange County Foreclosure Lawyer

A loan modification can feel like an overwhelming process, but our REST Report helps simplify and streamline your application. When making a proposal, time is precious. Avoid rejections with accurate figures and thorough documentation with our Orange County foreclosure attorney. Get Loan Modification Help From a Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorney As a supplement to your application, […]

Real Estate Mortgage Litigation

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If you have been unfairly denied a loan modification or if your lender has brought a foreclosure action against you, the Orange County real estate lawyers at Oak Tree Law may be able to defend you, to obtain a loan modification, to get you more time to remain in your home, to prevent foreclosure or […]