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Founded in 2009 by Julie J. Villalobos, OakTree Law is Southern California’s leading financial legal services provider. We focus on providing tailored legal solutions for every client. Whether you need help with bankruptcy, business litigation, or foreclosure, an individualized solution can help improve your situation. When you need an Anaheim bankruptcy attorney, OakTree Law will make you feel confident and optimistic about your financial outlook.

Our office is conveniently located in nearby Irvine. We serve the entire Los Angeles area and beyond. But Anaheim is a notable city in its own right. It is home to the Disneyland Resort as well as Anaheim Plaza, Honda Center, and Angels Stadium of Anaheim. The city is a major population center in Orange County and is situated along the Santa Ana River. It is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Why Choose OakTree Law

If you are overwhelmed with debt and facing a foreclosure, repossession, or business dispute, OakTree Law can help. Numerous debt relief options may be available to you. First, we will assess your situation. We understand that every client’s financial situation is different. Our team will determine the best course of action and explain every option in detail. You’ll also receive an upfront quote for our services.

Our Legal Services

Specializations in many legal services allow our team to help clients in numerous ways. We can provide a solution that meets your individual needs by helping with:


The U.S. Bankruptcy Code offers various types of protection. Our knowledge of it enables us to find relief from collections actions, whether you’re struggling with your mortgage, credit card debt, or medical debt. Some of the options available include:

  • Chapter 7 – An individual’s or business’s unsecured debt can be fully discharged; for other debts, assets can be sold to pay them off.
  • Chapter 11 – Protects the assets of a high-net-worth business by reorganizing it while allowing its owners to retain control.
  • Chapter 13– Creates a repayment plan (over 3 to 5 years) to help an individual with a steady income pay off their debt; if required payments are made, collections actions stop.
  • Chapter 20 – Discharges a portion of one’s debt while allowing them to pay the remainder over time by combining Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

Regardless of the bankruptcy protection that’s best for you, navigating the process of a bankruptcy filing can be complex. Our Anaheim bankruptcy attorney will help with every step of your case.


Failing to make mortgage payments can trigger a foreclosure process, in which the bank puts a lien on your home. Homeowners have more rights than most realize in this situation. We can work out a tangible alternative before the court sells your home.

Loan Modification

One effective way to avoid foreclosure is to change the terms of your loan. If the bank is willing to negotiate, we can work towards lowering the interest rate or monthly payments. You may qualify for a loan modification if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, a high-interest rate loan, or owe more than your home is worth.

Business and Civil Litigation

Suing a business can be a prolonged and costly process. Our Anaheim bankruptcy attorneys can handle matters related to franchise bankruptcy. We also help clients with corporate/partnership disputes, breach of contract, insurance bad faith, business litigation, intellectual property, trade secret theft, and fraud/misrepresentation matters. Whether it’s a legal issue related to construction or a wrongful termination claim, OakTree Law is ready to help.

Estate Planning

If you need assistance with drafting a will, living trust, or advance health care directive, our estate planning attorney will work with you. Other means of managing assets include a durable power of attorney. With the right strategy for estate planning, your property can be seamlessly distributed to intended beneficiaries without any legal hurdles.

Short Sale Negotiation

When your property is worth less than what you owe and your financial situation makes it impossible to pay your mortgage, we can help get your lender to approve a short sale. Qualifications are often determined by sales of comparably priced homes in your area. For lenders, short sales can be financially advantageous over foreclosure.

Mortgage Litigation

Lenders aren’t always cooperative when homeowners try to avoid foreclosure. If your lender has denied relief options, we can explore other avenues, including taking legal action against a mortgage servicer.

Personal Injury

Our skilled attorneys can provide legal support if you’ve sustained a personal injury due to a car accident, truck accident, bike accident, slip and fall, defective product, or dog bite. We work with medical malpractice cases as well. The goal is to ensure you are fairly compensated for financial, physical, and emotional losses.

Real Estate Law

Whether you need help with contract negotiation, a property sale, an eviction, a landlord-tenant dispute, or real estate closing, OakTree Law’s attorneys can help. We also help with title review and can navigate legal challenges such as corporate planning in relation to real estate investments.

Notary Services

OakTree Law provides in-house notarization of bankruptcy, estate planning, powers of attorney, real estate transaction, adoption, divorce, marriage, escrow, legal, and other documents.

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Our Anaheim bankruptcy attorney can help find the right solution depending on your financial situation. But if you need help with a loan modification, real estate, or civil or business litigation issue, our team has the skills and experience to work with you. To get started, request a free evaluation on the web or call 626-317-7340.