Foreclosure Defense vs. Bankruptcy

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When a financial hardship puts you at risk of default, it may be hard to determine the best course of action. But what’s crucial is that you act quickly. Oaktree Law understands that when it comes to homeowners, there is no one size fits all solution.

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Our attorneys work with precision to put you back in control of your family’s financial security. Once we assess your particular situation, we’re prepared to guide you through either a foreclosure defense, or a bankruptcy, or a combination of the two.

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Get Informed – Foreclosure Defense vs. Bankruptcy

Once we assess your particular situation, we’re prepared to guide you through either a foreclosure defense or a bankruptcy. Both will have significant impact on your credit report. But the advantages of one may be more appropriate for your debt relief.

Foreclosure Defense can:

  • Modify the terms of your loan
  • Free you from a poor investment
  • Shield you from future liabilities
  • Save untold hours of paperwork
  • Stop the harassment of collectors
  • Protect your credit rating

Bankruptcy can:

  • End creditors’ reports of delinquency
  • Preserve assets, including your home
  • Clear away outstanding debt
  • Stall a foreclosure sale
  • Strip away additional mortgages
  • Help rebuild credit

In some cases, a bankruptcy can be used to aid in a foreclosure defense. If you’re determined to stay in your home, both strategies may help you avoid a foreclosure and formulate a long-term financial plan. Oaktree Law lawyers can help you determine the best strategy, negotiate with your lenders, document your financial plan, and take legal action to lift any burden we can.

Choosing a Path with our Los Angeles Foreclosure Lawyers

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