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OakTree Law was founded by Julie J. Villalobos in 2009 with an emphasis on bankruptcy.

A California Law Firm Dedicated to Your Best Interests

Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Julie J. Villalobos
Julie J. Villalobos

Shortly after the firm’s founding, Ms. Villalobos added professionals with experience in loan modifications who had developed their own successful loan modification model to aid clients with financial difficulties.

Now OakTree Law provides comprehensive services in Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications and Mortgage Litigation to provide complete solutions to clients facing problems with debt.

The professionals at OakTree Law recognize that each individual situation is different and calls for a handcrafted legal plan of action that takes each client’s unique circumstances into consideration. Although clients come to us in financial distress, we understand that California law can empower distressed homeowners if the right solutions are put into place. We have a history of success in getting positive results for our clients even after they thought they had exhausted all possible avenues or when others had told them (often after taking their money) that their situation was hopeless.

Debt does not have to mean despair. At OakTree Law, we believe that our clients deserve a life free of excessive debt and the ability to pursue a promising financial future. We strive to protect our clients’ homes and provide them with a fresh start, empowered by the knowledge of their rights.

The Oaktree Law Promise

Unlike other firms that have experience in only one aspect of debt relief, our firm has attorneys skilled in all related areas, including litigation, loan modifications, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy (Chapters 7, 11 and 13), estate planning and even immigration, allowing us to provide you with the most complete solution to your mortgage or debt-related issues– handcrafted especially for you.

Whether you are facing issues with large lending institutions, debt due to a health crisis, job loss, death in the family or other financial difficulties, we can help. Our attorneys work personally with every client to help them achieve their legal goals. If you decide to work with us, we will guide you through every stage of our results-oriented process.

We promise to:

  • Educate you about your rights and the laws governing your legal matter, and answer all of your questions, no matter how long it takes. We’ll never rush you out of the office or off of the phone. Our attorneys and staff are always accessible and available to answer your questions.
  • Work with you. Instead of sending you away with instructions and expecting you to obtain information on your own, we will work with you personally to get the information needed to gain a full understanding of your legal situation. We will help you gather any documents necessary to prove your case.
  • Offer debt and credit counseling – on the spot at the time of your first visit, if necessary.
  • Assign an attorney to your matter who will evaluate your unique circumstances, explain your rights and the laws governing your legal matter, and stay with you throughout the process until your matter is completed. You’ll work with our highly skilled and trained staff, too, but we’ll never push you off on non-legal staff if you prefer to speak with your attorney.
  • Quote a fee – up front. We’ll tell you in advance what the fee for your matter will be. If litigation is contemplated, we’ll tell you our hourly rates in advance and provide an estimate of the overall budget, quoting you a fee at each stage of the litigation.
  • Give you an honest assessment of your situation – and your options. We’ll tell you up front if you do not qualify for a specific solution or if we can’t help you – without taking your money first. After a thorough analysis of your individual circumstances, we will offer our opinion on which course of legal action best suits your needs, based on your short and long term financial goals. We’ll give you multiple options and help find the best solution for your individual circumstances, rather than trying to fit you into a “one size fits all” course of action.
  • Use our legal knowledge and experience to pursue your goals. When you decide the course of action you want to take, we will do what we can to make it happen. We’re not afraid to try solutions others would not even consider, because our commitment is to help our clients achieve the best results possible.

OakTree Law has been awarded an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau each year since 2013. Our firm uses the latest technology to manage and prepare your case for bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosure defense. Through the use of this technology, we can streamline workflow, help you prepare forms, offer credit counseling and debtor education, instantly obtain your credit reports to ensure that we have accounted for all creditors in the bankruptcy process, obtain accurate information about your loan, and more. Using these processes, we can help you choose among all of the possible options, including HAMP, short-sale, foreclosure, and bankruptcy options.

Learn More

To learn more about the specific services we provide, please visit the links below, or contact us today to begin the process immediately and start down the road to financial relief.

  • Foreclosure Defense Don’t wait for lenders to make the first move. Depending on the type of loan, just a few missed payments can result in a Notice of Default. Get help and save your home.
  • Loan Modification Under water on your loan? Don’t try to go it alone. To keep your home, it’s essential that your hardship be documented accurately, that paperwork is complete, and that the new terms ensure long-term debt relief. We’ve been working on loan modifications since the beginning. Find out how we can help.
  • Bankruptcy Just because you’re in debt doesn’t mean you have to let your creditors take over. If you’re overwhelmed by debt, you may be able to make a new start. Find out how the law can protect you and help you assert your rights. Learn more about our Bankruptcy options.
  • Mortgage Litigation: If you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your options or your lender refuses to permit you to modify your loan, litigation may be an option. With so many poorly underwritten mortgages out there, many lenders’ claims can now be challenged in court. Find out how we may be able to help you force your bank to negotiate a loan modification.
  • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts If you’re facing financial difficulties, we may be able to help you structure your will or estate plan to protect some of your assets for future generations. Without any estate plan, the state of California will assume control of your assets in the case of your death. A poorly planned estate can result in increased costs and procedural frustration for your family. Learn how our skilled trust and will attorneys can help you avoid probate.

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