“These guys go above and beyond. They work hard for you.”

I was extremely hesitant to go through with a modification or even attempt the process. I was leery of the process and unsure from all the horror stories I've heard.  Marissa from OakTree Law was a blessing.  She walked me through the whole process.  Everything she told me to do, I did.  Everything she said she would handle, was handled.  I had questions for their attorney... she was available anytime I needed to talk to her.  Ed was also available whenever I had questions in the final stages with the modification offers from the lenders.  These guys go above and beyond.  They work hard for you.  I know I did not only one mod but two.  I was able to modify a jumbo loan on my primary residence and also on an income property I own.  These people really stuck to their word.  I cannot recommend them enough.  I was in good hands.  Thanks OakTree Law!!!!  Your help Is truly appreciated.

— Deana G., Sun Valley

“Submitted a summary of my situation on their website and got a call from Rex that same day.”

Submitted a summary of my situation on their website and got a call from Rex that same day. He was very helpful and not hardselling at all. Rex listened to my issues and gave me free advice on my options. It was definitely worth my time.

— Peter K., Tustin

“Fantastic firm. Made me feel very safe in their hands.”

Fantastic firm. Mark was very attentive with me. We worked together over the phone and through email. Made me feel very safe in their hands. Julie was with us through the court proceedings and shes a doll! She really had our backs. I would definitely use them in the future and have already recommended them to a few friends. You will be in good hands with OakTree Law.

— Rachel H., Long Beach

“I can say nothing but good things about the whole staff, easy to work with and spot on.”

To Those in financial trouble: I know that I had to do BK, looking for a lawyer was a mess, most just not honest. Finally I found OakTree Law from a radio ad, run by a women. My first encounter was great with Marissa Pitts, and trust was established. I can say nothing but good things about the whole staff, easy to work with and spot on. OakTree Law is a solid family law firm with the principal of a good service in return for a set reasonable fee. I highly recommend their firm, can speak highly of all the staff, the easy and clear preparation of your problem and the best way to solve it for a long term fix and reset in life. You are welcome to use my name or anything because I am very happy I was able to make the connection with OakTree Law. Richard L Iverson You are welcome to use my name or anything because I am very happy I was able to make the connection with OakTree Law.

— Richard L., San Diego

“An honest law team with easy to understand instructions. I am so pleased with the advice and humility.”

I called OakTree Law with what I thought was a huge problem concerning a issue with a property that I needed to have power of attorney over. I was able to get the exact information over the phone for free. They did not try to swindle me out of money. He even advised me to try to complete the steps on my own before I paid any money to OakTree law. This was exactly what I was in need of. An honest law team with easy to understand instructions. I am so pleased with the advice and humility. Thank you so much.

— Arneshia B., Compton

“She gathered more information and did more for me during my FREE initial visit than my entire 3 years with another attorney. It took Julie 4 days to file the appeal and get my case back in order.”

***PLEASE READ THIS*** I have never given a review before but I am compelled to do so.  My family had enjoyed a stable living and income until my husband began to have serious unexplained medical issues.  He was not able to contribute financially and with only my income for my family, bills began to add up quick.  After exhausting our savings, my daughters college fund and selling what assets we could, we had no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection to save our home. We decided as a family that we would walk away from the home that we loved because there was no other recourse.  Days later we were notified by my husbands Dr. that he was diagnosed with MS.  Devastated, I can only describe our situation as dire.  I heard an ad on KFI about OakTree Law.  The radio announcer sounded sincere about their reputation and after a day or so I called.  I was EXTREMELY hesitant to talk to another lawyer but the minute I spoke to Julie Villalobos it was apparent that she cared......yes, cared!  She gathered more information and did more for me during my FREE initial visit than my entire 3 years with another attorney. It took Julie 4 days to file the appeal and get my case back in order.  We continued filing motions for an additional year so that I could juggle my finances and send my daughter to college.  Just last month I made my last bankruptcy payment and my case is closed! Julie and her team not only helped and did their job, they put a personal touch on the case by giving it their full attention and keeping me updated through email, phone calls, emails and texting. Julie is tenacious. I can't believe the difference in services.  I have now begun the Loan Modification process with Marissa Pitts at Oaktree. Things are flying by and we should be filing next week.  I know better days are on the horizon and can only say that the radio ad set my family on a new course......THANK YOU OAK TREE LAW.

— Sonia M., Whittier

OakTree Law is a fantastic law firm when it comes to Loan Modification. Atty. Mark Hoffman and his assistant Jennifer Leonard both did a fantastic job and I highly recommend the firm to everyone.

— Richard D., Sylmar

Excellent service!  Called into OakTree Law and had a meeting with Mark Hoffman within 24hrs.  With all the bad information coming from the banks it was extremely reassuring to speak with someone who has a thorough knowledge of my position and get a professional outline of what my rights and options were.

— Jed W., Orange

I was familiar with OakTree Law, as I had heard of them advertised on KFI AM 640 before, my favorite talk radio station. So when  I was in need of an Attorney to witness me signing my closing documents for an out-of-state real estate transaction (a requirement by the out of state Attorneys), and saw their firm in my internet search, I called them up ASAP!!  Attorney Reza Pejuhesh was extremely courteous, professional, and helped me out tremendously by allowing me to retain their services to witness me signing my real estate document!  I am very appreciative of the services offered!  And everyone that walked by the front door was very helpful making sure I was helped!! Thank you very much OakTree Law!!! :-)

— Karen W., Long Beach

OakTree Law tells you the fees upfront are very polite, sincere and work hard for you. I went to them for a loan modification and quickly learned how fast and thorough they were. OakTree Law saved me over $51,000 dollars and a lot of worries. Thank you all so much at OakTree & Tim Conway Jr. at KFI 640AM.

— John M., Ontario

My uncle Tito referred us to Marissa Pitts at OakTree law after his Modification got approved within 30 days. We decided to try out OakTree Law after trying to Modify our loan for a year with Bank of America which kept denying us. I made my appointment with Marissa Pitts. She was very professional and detailed in explaining us the whole process.  We just got our Modification approved a couple of days ago and she saved us $600.00 on our monthly payment and also explained to us she was going to put us through a program for interest forgiveness or principal reduction which would bring our mortgage payment even lower. We are very happy and will refer her to everyone that we know that needs help with the Modification. I want to thank Marissa and Jennifer and the whole team at OakTree Law for caring.

— Arcelia G., Granada Hills

Heard about OakTree Law on KFI and e-mailed them.  Rex called me back and although they could not help because of my loan type, he was very candid and professional.  I will probably use one of their other services in the future.

— Michael M., Los Angeles

Me and my wife received a email from Jennifer Leonard informing us that we are in the final stages of our modification to a permanent modification. Jennifer's expertise, professionalism and her hard work really paid off so now we are saving $600.00 a month. We would like to thank you Jennifer and OakTree Law for making this a painless and stress free experience. We have and will continue to refer you and your company to all our friends and family that sure could use your help. It has really been a pleasure.

— Pierre L., Anaheim

I contacted OakTree Law with hesitation but, after speaking and meeting Marissa, my financial situation changed tremendously. Marissa and Russ did an exceptional job with my situation saving me $795 per month on my mortgage, that is a $9,540 saving per year. If your experiencing your home being upside down with a high mortgage, I suggest you contact OakTree Law for guidance. They, do return your phone calls, they answer all of your questions, and they walked you through the process. I am most appreciative, and I thank OakTree Law for making my home affordable to live in for years to come.

— Trasquita L. Compton

Thank You OakTree Law, We thought we were at the end of our rope and these experts helped us get the modification we needed along with a very low interest rate on a 40 year jumbo loan. We did not qualify for any help and had exhausted our options. Marissa was great! Thanks again to OakTree Law!

— Lori D., Camarillo

OakTree Law has a team of members that go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Having little knowledge of real estate law and being bullied by my mortgage company prior to, OakTree Law made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. If you need help with a bankruptcy, loan modification or anything real estate law related, I suggest you give them a call. Friendly service and they have your back from start to finish and beyond.

— Artis H., Compton

I met with the owner Julie Lopes, she is absolutely fantastic!!  She was always there every time I had a question, and I had many questions.  I cannot tell you what peace of mind I had to get this bankruptcy done.  Julie and her firm  are professional and knowledgeable on the bankruptcy procedure.  I have recommended this firm to all my friends and family.

— Isela H., Whittier

So happy with the service! I did not want to go here but my boyfriend talked me into it. My mortgage was reduced $500. I no longer have to rent a room out to pay my ever rising mortgage payment. Rex and Jennifer were great. Especially Jennifer who kept in constant contact to make sure things went smooth. Best investment you can make to keep your home.

— Amy C., Long Beach

Don't hesitate to call them. They don't play games and are not con artists. MANY people we know got taken for thousands of dollars by other companies without any results in modifying their loans and lost their homes. Some were so exhausted they gave up. Don't give up, make this one last call.!!! We refer everyone here. Our situation was crazy as it gets and it took a while extending the sale date monthly but we got our principal reduced $243,000.00-yes almost a quarter of a million dollars off the loan balance and an interest rate of 3.875% over a year ago.  It was so good we weren't sure that it was real. Round one down, now for round two. I have tax issues and need to file BK and I am going back with all the confidence in the world that it will be okay. We made payments last time and they are willing to take them again. Thank Heaven literally for OakTree Law. I can't wait to start over. Like you, we aren't losers just good people that made bad decisions and had things beyond our control happen. Do not feel ashamed to tell them your story and seek help. They WILL help you and not make you feel bad about having to take the legal steps to gain your life back and get a good night's sleep again. They are not expensive. You would expect people this good to be out of your price range, not true! Call! Ours was a huge success story and I am sure yours will be too. If they couldn't help I am 100% sure they would say so up front.

— Mary L., Anaheim

My wife and I went to see them when our bank wouldn't work with is on fixing our ARM. We met with Rex who spent lots of time learning about us and our situation. He listened and offered to call the bank on our behalf. He was able to get a bank rep to get us a fixed loan but the interest rate was so high we refused it. He advised us to go a different route. His knowledge and experience was impressive. He never tried to sell us on using his services further and didn't charge us for the time he spent with us. I would use them on any of our future needs.

— Bill M., Orange

I had found OakTree Law through one of their ads. I called and spoke to one of their staff who turned out to be very knowledgeable. Personally, I hate it whenever I speak to a "salesperson" who does not know much or anything about the technical details I am calling about. With OakTree Law, that was not the case and in fact, while we were on that initial phone call, she punched #'s on a calculator and thought my case was one that was "do-able". She also looked up my property market value on an online site and so therefore she had something to base her thinking on. ---as opposed to wishful thinking. All of that was done on my 1st call and so I felt that it was worthwhile to drive to their office about an hour from me and talk in person. Again, I was able to meet the staff who actually does the work,talks with the lender,etc so that made me feel confident it was worth a chance. OakTree started working on my case in Jan and reached a successful modification in May. So, I can recommend OakTree as very competent--and they answer the phones as well!--- which is something I always put a lot of stock in.

— Scott P., Santa Monica

Thank you Jennifer and Marissa with all your help in getting my loan modified. You guys have been great!

— Jonah, Chula Vista

Please do yourself a HUGE favor! Talk with these fantastic people before you allow foreclosure or any other action to your home. Even if you are currently working with another third party, please consult Daniel Cornelius or Marissa Pitts. This may just change your life in a very positive way. Daniel has a very personable manor that is very calming as you share your story. Marissa is the tiger in your tank. I have never witnessed anyone protect me or my rights so specifically or emphatically in my life. Listen to me, you need to have these wonderful professionals on your side. Contact them now at 1-800-535-1627 to ensure your get an appointment. Life is short. This law firm should be on your bucket list.

— Michael G., Monrovia

I heard their ad on the radio and decided to call. I was fully expecting a high pressure sales person on the other end. There wasn't; just a very friendly and helpful voice. I have a unique situation and had a lot of questions. I was convinced I would have to provide a lot of information and\or pay for their service before they would even answer one question. That was not the case at all. I spoke with Rex, he allowed me to ask all the questions I wanted. He even provided me with some alternative solutions that I hadn't thought of before. I'm not ready to pull the trigger yet, but Rex didn't go for the hard close. He just gave me his direct number and told me to call him when I was ready. Unbelievable in this day and age to have someone HELP you and not ask for anything in return. I strongly recommend OakTree Law and I will definitely be calling back when I'm ready to proceed. Thanks, Rex!!!

— Cassie C., Newport Beach

OakTree Law is awesome! I was literally about to walk away from my home because I was getting nowhere with B of A and felt hopeless. Until, I heard the radio commercial and called. Long story short I kept my home and got my interest rate reduced from 7.25 to 3.875 percent. Im now stress free and opening up the next chapter in my life thanks to the assistance of OakTree Law. Marissa Pitts is a great person that assured me the whole time with great confidence that my modification would happen. And it did, but not overnight. So be patient and believe in Oaktree.

— Steve Ortiz, La Mirada

I was referred to OakTree Law from another person that was helped by one of the owners of Oak Tree Law, so it gave me the confidence that they could really help me, because my mortgage company would not help me, and I had already been scammed by another Law Firm. I had tried for two years to work directly with my mortgage company, but they rejected my loan modification at least 5 times, and each time they used a different excuse for not approving my loan modification. OakTree Law was almost a 100 miles away from where I lived, but I had already experienced another Law Firm stealing five thousand dollars from me yet they did not help me, so I accepted help from OakTree Law since I knew another person that had been helped by them. Even though OakTree Law was a two hour drive for me, it was well worth the drive since they were the only ones that I found who could help me. They know what to do and how to do it. My loan modification was finally approved when others had failed to help me. I whole heartedly recomend OakTree Law.

— Larry W., Camarillo

If you are looking for someone to help save your house, call OakTree Law. My husband and I were struggling to pay our mortgage payments the banks wouldn't help us, told me that they couldn't help unless we were in default. Well that turned bad fast they not only wouldn't help us they put us in foreclosure. We went to a attorney that prays upon these people, she ripped us off 4000.00. We were under a lot of stress not knowing if our family would have to move. Most people we knew told us we had no chance of saving our house. We could not give in, so my husband and I googled loan modifications with the lender we had and found one success story about OakTree Law. We called and spoke with Marissa, she was amazing and felt she truly cared about what we were going through. My husband and I drove from Encinitas to LA took us more than hour to drive, we were greeted with the most amazing staff. We sat down Marissa took her time going over all details and instructions of what we needed to do. Everything she told us to expect to happen did. We got a modification because of these incredible caring and knowledgeable people. I could not have done this with out Marissa and Julie on our side. We love you guys, and have been thanking God for leading us to you. We are so great full for all your time and patients.

— Christopher & Jodie D., Cardiff

We were clients of another loan modification company. It turned out they took our money and did nothing to help us. By the time we discovered OakTree Law, we were financially over-stressed and were out of options. Julie Moradi Lopes saved us! She took care of our bankruptcy and then handled the loan mod. We didn't think we could qualify for one since we had filed the bankruptcy. What the previous company could not obtain for us in 2 years was done in less than 6 months. The office was there representing us through every single step. This meant a lot. Our Loan Co. was one of the tough ones. They saved our home! I have referred friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Guys!!!!

— Mike & Lisa G., Riverside

Thanks for helping me on my loan modification. I tried to do it myself, but just ran into dead ends dealing with Bank of America. After going through the process with OakTree Law working with me, I know it wouldn't have been possible without their help. Loan mods require professional assistance from an attorney who knows what they are doing and who will stand up to banks and ensure that the bank's employees won't deny you a modification due to incompetence. I also appreciate their honest way of doing business and only accepting cases they know are able to modify, quite contrary to other horror stories I've heard of. I would recommend them to anyone I know who is contemplating a loan mod.

— Antonio L., Marina Del Rey

I was in a state of panic when I contacted them, I had just received a letter stating my house was going to a trustee sale in three weeks. I called OakTree Law at 8:30 am and I was seeing Julie Moradi Lopes by 1:00. She is amazing, kind hearted and understood everything I was going through. She filed everything right away, and put a stop to the nonsense that B of A was putting us through. Julie is a very smart lady and knows all of the ends and outs of BK law, always has the right answer, calls or emails you back immediately she and her staff are on top of everything. Thank you for always being caring, positive and taking care of my family. A VERY SATISFIED HAPPY CLIENT!

— Greg & Candy G., Lakewood

OakTree Law has helped me in a major way. They were the driving force in my receiving my loan mod. They walked me through every step with perfection which caused a great deal of stress to be removed off of me. So with this being said I give OakTree Law a 5 star rating in service.

— David W., Corona

Normally I do not give endorsements or recommend suppliers no matter how well they may have performed. However in this situation I decided to make an exception because it could help others realize the wonderful results we have achieved and possibly eliminate or reduce the tremendous stress associated with working with mortgage company's and lenders. I can't  tell you how OakTree Law took such a stressful and complicated situation from my family when I was at a dead end with Chase Bank, on getting a modification, which my wife, and I fought for over a period of 18 months with customer service, and this one, and that one, talking and no one caring, we were ready to just give it up. Then the faithful day, most would say fateful but faith is more to the point, that you entered our lives. From day one you put us at ease and immediately we felt as if our lives were headed back in a direction we knew and understood. Your knowledge of the system, especially Chase Bank, our lender, was critical. You explained the process, the cost, and what we could expect to happen. Surprisingly, it was exact and right on point. The satisfaction and contentment with what OakTree helped us achieve has allowed us to move forward and back into our lives. Sounds weird to say back into and yet move forward but it does state how a peaceful continence, a sense of presence in the now, allows us to have the capacity to see a very bright future. You, Marissa, are a very large, and important piece of why we are headed into a future that is as welcoming and exciting as it has become. Melissa and I are impressed with your business acumen and tenacity. We knew that was what was needed when dealing with the institutions you had the unenviable task of working with. Fortunately for us, you knew what you were going into and what was going to be needed. Bottom line for us is that without you our world, our future would be completely different than the one we now find ourselves in. Melissa, and I thank you from the depths of our soul and count ourselves fortunate to have discovered a person of your abilities. Thank You, Marissa, and OakTree Law.

— Henry & Melissa, Chino Hills

I went to OakTree Law during a difficult and stressful time in my life. I had debt I couldn't afford to pay and a mortgage that had become difficult to afford. I was scared I was going to lose my house that I had worked very hard on keeping. When I went in they were very comforting. They not only decreased my payment tremendously they were always there when I had questions or concerns. Anytime I called there was someone to answer my questions. I would recommend OakTree Law to anyone and everyone I know.

— Rita A., Long Beach

OakTree Law firm has helped me and my family not only save our home but thru Rex's professional knowledge of up to date opportunity's and laws pertaining to truth in mortgage and lending, we were able to have $188,000 forgiven from our principal, a bad arm loan changed to a 2.0% 30 year fixed my amazement once OakTree Law had all the paperwork asked of me, it took only 30 days to get my new modification.Ii was directed to follow up weekly and they took the time to explain that beyond the law, the loan servicing company handling my case were people with a job to do, and having a open line of communication with them weekly helped me and them, to get to a end result that we will forever be grateful to OakTree Law for. The right guidance and paper presentation it took to not only save our home but made it possible for us to regain a marketable home ....I will absolutely recommend OakTree Law to family & friends............thanks again OakTree!!

— Chris O., Upland

Everyone in the group was knowledgeable and helpful in saving my home. They know the correct formulas and are there to answer (and go along side you) your fears and questions. I had a predatory loan and when I fell behind on payments when the wife lost her job, OakTree advised me on the next steps. They got me a $150 K loan reduction and a loan mod with a very low interest rate. I am grateful for all their help.

— Ronald & Claire N., Orange

Julie Moradi Lopes was able to help our family out. I first went to her law firm OakTree Law to get help with saving our home that we wanted to keep. She was able to do a chapter 13 bankruptcy for us and protect the home from being sold which was a tremendous relief for me and my husband. She was very professional throughout the whole process and was always able to answer our questions. She is a very caring and honest person. Thanks Julie.

— Delfina, Rialto

Thanks OakTree Law for helping me stay in my home: I find that it is not just neat, but absolutely great when you can get the help you need at a critical time. My home was/is upside down, I was unable to pay the mortgage, and I needed help to stay in my home.  How I got into this circumstance is not relevant, but I will tell you anyway. I used to own five rental properties purchased with equity from my primary home, which is now under water.  And then the bottom fell from real estate investments.   Rental houses were now worth less and I couldn’t rent them for enough to cover costs, and so I began to lose money – first the rental properties, and then I was about to lose the home in which I have lived 23 years. I had talked to friends and colleagues who had coordinated their own loan modification successfully, and yet I needed help right now to avoid foreclosure.  I didn’t have time for trial and error… OakTree Law gave me 60 minutes of free consulting during which I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.   I had talked to other companies that offered free consulting; they didn’t stand out as did OakTree Law. Two weeks later I told Marissa I wanted to work with her, she told me what documentation to assemble, and we arranged our next meeting.  I will tell you than I consider myself rather well organized, which made it quite easy to meet Marissa’s documentation requirements. My second and last meeting with Marissa lasted 2 hours during which time I filled in forms, she assembled financial information before calling and establishing prerequisite arrangements with mortgage servicer, I crafted a hardship letter, and all the required documentation was faxed to mortgage servicer then and there. Three weeks later I was informed by mortgage servicer I had been accepted for trial loan modification.  I have since completed trial payments and loan mod is now permanent.  My monthly mortgage is reduced from $2,540 to $1,325, a reduction of more than $1,200/month.  Specifics of my loan modification include a 2% interest rate; maturity is extended to 40 years, and forbearance in the amount of $110,000. Thank you, OakTree Law for your efficiency and your effectiveness. Thank you, Marissa for being so good at what you do. You knew what was needed, when it would be needed, you knew the ins and outs of the process and you went about it with a purposefulness I genuinely appreciate and admire.  Marissa, you ROCK… With much appreciation, Herman Powells

— Herman P., Inglewood

I had the fortune to have my case taken by Marissa P., a spitfire no nonsense lady that sure knows how to handle the loss mitigation dept. Marissa P. you know who you are. Thank you for making it happen. I will recommend you to everyone I know. BTW, we will be starting on the second, hopefully next week. Readers, these guys are the best!

— Felipe DC, La Habra Heights

I called OakTree Law offices due to Friend's recommendation to finally use legal help. I heard the Ad on THE FISH radio station. From the first call I was greeted with an energetic nice voice that smiled over the phone. Her reassurance alone was helpful in relieving some stress. Upon my first visit with Julie Moradi-Lopes, the lawyer that I had made an appointment with, I felt confident. Julie is so kind, easy to talk to, no judgment, and SO knowledgeable. I knew with all my questions, worries and stress, that in our very first meeting, I was going to be personally cared for. She gave me a number to always reach her, told me not to worry, the rest was her job to take care of me. By THAT afternoon, she had already emailed a lot of information, and the ball was rolling. The care I received was amazing! The process, while a couple bumps..( not to the fault of my attorney)  went very smooth. I had what I call.. true Hand-holding throughout. I cannot say enough about my experience with this company, and Julie Moradi Lopes. She was truly amazing, and I feel like I have made a new friend, I pray, for life. I will recommend without hesitation, This Firm; as they are Integral, and Honest, and informative on every level. Thank you for being there through one of the most difficult times I've endured.

— Debra T., Santa Ana

I have tried on my own 3x's with NACA to go face to face with my lender, Indymac. I had an adjustable pay option that would be adjusting this July. I was also underwater. Each time I was turned down because I was current and that my payment was within 31% of my income. Even though I was being proactive and trying to prevent a foreclosure, they wouldn’t help me. So this past January, my wife and I went to OakTree Law and got the results we needed. By March we received a 3mos. trial modification to start in April. Before our June payment, we received our permanent modification agreement! They offered a 2% for 5yrs, 3% for one yr, and 3.875% for 34yrs., plus removed $87K off the principle balance. Thank you Jesus Christ, and thank you OakTree Law for saving my family's home! Continue praying, "Ask and you shall receive".

— Tony M., Chino

I had heard loan mods are hard to accomplish but with OakTree I had great success. No problems with hard to fill out forms or language that takes an enterperter to understand. OakTree walk with me from beginning to end. Any questions I had were simply explained and every phone call was answered by a live person on he other end. I hate " leave a message and we will get back to you" and it never happened with OakTree. My bank seemed to drag there feet at a loan modification and it was OakTree that remained patient and persistent. They continued to call the bank on a daily bases and were relentless until my modification was complete. The bank had turned my case over to at least three different employees and each had to start the review from the beginning to find out where the process was. OakTree stayed on top of them and where I would have given up, they pushed forward and finalized the modification. I truly believe I could not have achieved a loan modification on my own and needed them in order to get it done. I sound like a commercial but in fact, I found them from a friends recommendation and have no ties with their company. Simply stated I could not be happier. They saved me from losing my house in a bad economy and I owe them this review out of respect for what they do.

— Darren, Lake Elsinore

I can't believe what happened to me today! I feel like I have won the lottery, actually I have. I won the mortgage lottery and I owe it all to "OakTree Law". I have been working on a mortgage modification for my home since 2007. I have spoken to every company out there and have paid several companies to modify my loan and have had absolutely no results until now. And what great results I have received from OakTree Law and their staff. My story started in January 2007 and was told by a firm "don't worry you will get your modification done in no time and will save a fortune". By July I found out on my own that my house was going to foreclose in 2 days and I needed $27,000.00 in order to save it. Fortunately, I was able to scramble and get the money together from family and friends and was able to save the house. I cried all night and prayed all night that I could get all the money together and be able to drive it to San Diego by 4 pm and save the house. I did not know how I would tell my children that we lost out home. I thought I would be the biggest failure as a parent if this would happen. Mu original loan was for about $618,000.00n with a $5000.00 payment at n7.3% interest. My new payment went up to n$7,500.00 with the same interest rate to pay back the monies I was behind. I could only make this payment for a few months and I continued to struggle. I then sought out other loan modification companies and they took my money and always came back with the same answer....:Your loan is held by a group of investors and they do not want to modify your loan". In the fall of 2011n I heard an accountant advertise his firm and said that he had all the key people from various lending institutions working for him and he had a 95% success rate. So I called him up, made an appointment and he told me I was a lost cause. Mind you this whole time I was always just 1 payment away from foreclosure. Then it happened, my loan was sold to OCWEN and because I was behind in my payments close to $100,000.00 they told me I was only able to make a payment if I paid the past due in full. It was all or nothing! I then started to panic. I couldn't come up with that kind of money in this kind of an economy. That's when I remembered I had met Rex from OakTree Law and I called him. I went to him on December 27, 2011 and was practically in tears and begged him to help me. Rex was so kind and told me what had to be done, we did everything in one meeting and he made no promises. He just told me OakTree Law would do their best and I should relax, pray and do what was expected of me in order to have success with the modification. Rex made me feel better and fave me hope. He worked with me in every way. My with late fees and interest is now at $698,000.00 at 7.3% and today has been reduced $300,000.00 and is at 2% interest. This means $300,000.00 of my principle just went away. Hard to believe, this is money I no longer owe. My payment was almost $5000.00 and now is $1587.00. This is crazy! When OakTree Law told me this I said please verify this, I can't believe this. They called me back and said this is correct! This is why if you need your loan modified and have tried everything you really haven't........ because you have not tried OakTree Law. This took 4 months and now I can sleep at night knowing my children will be able to grow up in the house they know as their home. THANKS "OAKTREE LAW"! You have changed my life!

— Chantal B., Claremont

Julie, Rex, Marissa, Tracy - You'll never know how much I thank God for leading me to OakTree Law.  

— Daysi & Family, Northridge

Thank you so much OakTree Law for everything you did for me. What a year this has been and what we each have been through. May 2012 be an amazing year for both of us. I know you will be so blessed for all you do for others. Thank you.

— Debbie, Los Angeles

How do I say thank you to such great people. My bank was treating me like a dog. I would send in all the documents they wanted again and again. When they finally came back with what they said was help, they lowered my payment 37 dollars, that’s right 37 dollars…I came to OakTree Law and with their guidance and help, I received a modification that lowered my payment by 824 dollars and brought it current. Thanks!

— Alaa Abdel M., Irvine

If anyone is looking for a law firm to help them, Oaktree Law is who you will want to go to. I went to them with a sale date and the bank was telling me I had to pay them 55,000.00 dollars to save my home or do a chapter 13 bankruptcy. I sat down with OakTree law and not only were they able to prequalify me over the phone before I paid them but they also modified my loan and kept me from having to lose it. The modification I received from my bank was still too high and OakTree Law was able to re-qualify me for the government modification. My bank had denied me from that modification due to my arrearage being so high. If anyone is facing problems with their home I definitely recommend you give them a call. Thank you OakTree Law.

— Jaime O., Lakewood

OakTree law literally saved our house. I cannot thank them enough. We had tried for 9 months to get a modification from B of A. I got to the point that it wasn’t worth it. My coworker after hearing about our struggles recommended OakTree Law so I called them up and quickly realized I had been doing it wrong. In 90 days we received a modification. Ha…unbelievable. Save yourself a headache and don’t try to do it alone. I would highly recommend them to anyone that are facing foreclosure.

— The Vance Family, Long Beach

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and my family. For too long I let my debt get bigger and just kept ignoring it. After going in and sitting down with you I felt like a rock had been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have people calling my home to collect and we now actually have money left over after our bills. Thank you, thank you OakTree Law.

— John H., Fullerton