How to Choose a Notary Public


Finding the right person to stamp your documents doesn’t sound very hard. But not all notary publics are the same; the legal requirements have changed, and notary services have become more diversified. Here are some tips on choosing a state-appointed notary public, plus information on our notary services at OakTree Law. What Does a Notary […]

Employer Liability and Defense: COVID-19 Litigation in California


The world has been turned inside-out by the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. Millions of families have suffered the death of a loved one or watched their livelihoods slip away. The United States has been unwittingly center stage in the COVID-19 global health crisis. With mandatory quarantines, widespread business closures, and questionable stimulus efforts […]

Proposed California Senate Bill That Could Help Small Business Owners

Small Restaurant Business during COVID-19

On May 22nd The California Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a piece of legislation that would allow small businesses like restaurants and bars to renegotiate the terms of their leases and rental agreements if they have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus shutdowns.  Senate Bill 939 would grant small business owners the ability to modify their […]

6 Tips on How to Avoid Litigation

litigation attorney

Litigation can be distracting not to mention time consuming and expensive for your business. A legal dispute, no matter what the outcome, can damage its reputation and affect employee morale. There are many downsides to suing and being sued, to say the least. While your Los Angeles litigation attorney may be experienced and dependable, avoiding […]

How Do You Prove Theft of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property

If you have invented or improved upon a product, developed an original body of creative or mental work, or have come up with a better procedure or process, then you have the legal right to profit from exclusive ownership of your intellectual property by applying for a copyright, trademark, or patent. The common types of intellectual property […]

Wrongful Termination

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Reliable Business Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles Employees are let go of all the time. What makes a termination wrongful is when it is done for improper reasons such as for seeking workers’ compensation for an injury suffered on the job. If you feel you were fired for unjust reasons, you need to retain a […]