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OakTree Law is well-known throughout Southern California for its financially focused legal services

and its business litigation expertise. We’ve been in business since 2009 and have grown exponentially

under the direction of Julie J. Villalobos. Regardless of your financial situation, we can help improve

your outlook with individualized solutions and professional guidance.


The charming coastal city of Newport Beach is a community we are happy to serve. It is known for its large harbor and two piers (including the Newport Beach Pier) that are both located on the Balboa Peninsula. The city is also home to Balboa Island, the Pelican Hill Golf Club, and Corona Del Mar State Beach Park.

Why Choose OakTree Law

OakTree Law specializes in providing personalized debt relief options to clients in the Newport Beach area. We take a close look at your situation. Once we fully understand your financial circumstances, our team can determine the best options to pursue. We’ll explain every financial relief option in detail and, during our consultation, will also provide you with a full quote for our services. Our team has many tools and strategies to ensure the success of your case.

Our Legal Services


Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, you’ll find various types of protection. Bankruptcy can have a positive outcome when pursued carefully, which is why you should work with a professional. Whether you have high credit card debt or your business is underwater, our Newport Beach bankruptcy attorney can help with Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge unsecured debt or sell assets, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy to protect your assets and reorganize your business (so you retain control).


The bankruptcy specialists at OakTree Law can also help file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which reorganizes debt for those with a steady income. Meanwhile, Chapter 20 combines Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings to discharge some debt and pay off the remaining amount. Filing for bankruptcy will stop collection actions and help you on the path to being debt-free.



Missing mortgage payments will lead to defaulting on the loan. The mortgage servicer can then put a lien against your home and begin the foreclosure process. Contrary to popular belief, homeowners have many rights when facing possible foreclosure. A skilled attorney can explore your rights and options so you can keep your home.

Loan Modification

Modifying your mortgage loan can lower your monthly payments, extend the term of the loan, and reduce the interest rate. Depending on the lender’s compliance, a temporary or permanent modification is possible. Borrowers facing financial hardship may qualify, as well as those with a high-interest rate or adjustable-rate mortgage. The lender may also agree if you owe more than your home is worth.

Short Sale Negotiation

When a homeowner’s property is worth less than what they owe, and financial circumstances make it hard to continue paying a loan, we can negotiate a short sale. We’ll work with your lender and continue negotiating until they approve the agreement.

Mortgage Litigation

When your lender has sent foreclosure notices or even denied your request for relief, such as loan modification, you may still have options. We can help take legal action against the lender if you believe they haven’t properly addressed your situation. Our skilled litigation team will defend your home and personal integrity.

Business and Civil Litigation

Legal cases of any type can get complicated. If you have a case involving a corporate or partnership dispute, fraud or misrepresentation, or breach of contract, our attorneys can help. From intellectual property violations to wrongful terminations, we can pursue your claim and help find the best resolution.

Real Estate Law

We can help address any legal challenge a home or business owner might face. From assisting in contract negotiations to managing property sales, closings, leasing, landlord-tenant disputes, or evictions, our team has the skills to provide fair resolutions. They can also help with eminent domain matters and corporate planning in relation to real estate investments.

Notary Services

At OakTree Law, we notarize marriage, divorce, or adoption papers as well as powers of attorney and estate planning, real estate transaction, escrow, and legal documents. Notarization ensures they’re legal and binding under state law.

Personal Injury

Getting compensated for a personal injury caused by a vehicular accident, slip and fall, defective product, or dog bite can be challenging. Medical malpractice cases are often complex as well. Our attorneys will help you get fairly compensated for an injury, its emotional effects, medical bills, loss of earnings, and more.

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Everyone’s financial situation is unique. No matter what, our Newport Beach bankruptcy attorney can find a solution that works for you. They’ll apply their skills in helping with a loan modification or a real estate, foreclosure, or civil or business litigation matter. For a solution tailored to your situation, request a free evaluation online or call 626-317-7340 today.