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OakTree Law, a trusted provider of bankruptcy and personal injury legal services in Southern California, is conveniently based in Los Alamitos, just off the 605 Freeway. Los Alamitos is on the border of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Los Alamitos is  known for the Joint Forces Training Base which is home to the California National Guard. The city of Los Alamitos in Orange County, California includes residential services, shopping, dining, golf courses, and points of interest.

Our Legal Services


Bankruptcy is a sensitive topic that many people don’t understand. An experienced lawyer at OakTree Law can discuss the protections that bankruptcy can provide and the benefits of suitable options. From personal credit card debt to foreclosure, to financial concerns with a business, we can address a wide range of issues and determine the type of bankruptcy protection that could benefit you the most. Common options include:

  • Chapter 7: Can be used to discharge all or part of unsecured debt, such as credit card balances, or pay down debt by selling assets. An individual or business can take advantage of this option.
  • Chapter 11: A business or individual with a high net worth can file. For business owners, it is a way to reorganize and pay off debt while staying open and maintaining control.
  • Chapter 13: Individuals with a steady income can choose this option if they have a large debt burden. It both reorganizes debts into a payment plan and lets you keep your property.
  • Chapter 20: A two-step process in which you discharge debt with a Chapter 7 filing. The second phase is a Chapter 13 filing in which you create a payment plan to manage the remaining debt.


A sudden loss of employment or change in your financial situation can make it impossible to make mortgage payments, which can lead to foreclosure. Losing your home is a terrifying thought, but an experienced lawyer can help find alternative solutions that avoid this and allow you to keep your home.

Loan Modification

If your lender agrees to it, the terms of your mortgage loan can be changed, lowering your monthly payments. Qualifications include having an amount remaining that exceeds the value of your home; adjustable-rate and high-interest rate mortgages are often eligible for modification, while dire financial circumstances can qualify you as well.

Business and Civil Litigation

OakTree Law provides business litigation services in Cerritos to address often complicated matters such as corporate/partnership disputes, breach of contract, intellectual property violations, and fraud. We also address civil matters such as insurance bad faith, employment disputes, and wrongful termination.

Estate Planning

We can help create a strategy for how your property will be handled should you pass away or become incapacitated. By drafting wills and living trusts, our team can ensure easier distribution of assets to your beneficiaries and help them avoid probate court or certain estate taxes.

Short Sale Negotiation

Another option if you’re unable to make loan payments is to request a short sale negotiation. Your lender may approve of this if your property is worth less than what remains on your loan (based on sales of comparable homes in the area), so your home is sold for less than the principal of the loan.

Mortgage Litigation

In certain situations, you can take legal action against your lender. When you’ve pursued alternatives to foreclosure and your lender has denied loan modification or other options, our attorneys can help protect your home and the rights you deserve.

Notary Services

Our in-house Notary Public is here to make your important documents legal and binding. We notarize affidavits, adoption papers, deeds, child custody agreements, and pre-nuptial, divorce, and settlement agreements as well as escrow/title, legal, medical, and travel documents, to name a few.

Personal Injury

Our Cerritos personal injury attorney can represent you in a vehicular accident, slip and fall, defective product, medical malpractice, or dog bite case. Based on the facts and unique details, they can ensure you receive compensation for loss of income, medical care, and your physical and emotional recovery.

Real Estate Law

A variety of legal matters arise in the real estate business, including contract negotiations, eminent domain, evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, property sales, and corporate planning for real estate investment. Whether you are leasing property or have a real estate closing coming up, we can also provide the legal support you need.

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