What Is a Deficiency Judgment?

What is a Deficiency Judgment

  Foreclosure is often misunderstood by consumers. If you’re in default on a secured loan, the lender can initiate a process resulting in the forced sale of your property to cover the debt. But this doesn’t always cover the balance owed in full. As the debtor, you must then make up the difference; the lender […]

What Is the Power of Sale Clause in Foreclosure?

What is the Power of Sale Clause in Foreclosure

  A power of sale clause is included in most deed of trust mortgages. It lets a trustee proceed with a non-judicial foreclosure if you default on mortgage payments. In short, this enables foreclosure without going to court. About half of U.S. states allow for non-judicial foreclosure, which is a faster and less costly process […]

What Are Pre-Foreclosed Homes?

What are Pre Foreclosed Homes

  If you fail to make payments on your home, you could lose it through foreclosure. The foreclosure process has several steps, ultimately leading to your eviction from your home and the property being sold at a public auction or trustee sale. Pre-foreclosure is the first step. Homeowners can remain in pre-foreclosed homes while trying […]

What Is Unsecured Debt?

  Some loans require collateral to back them. Property or assets used as collateral can be seized by a lender if you default on payments. Unsecured debt is unique in that there is no collateral backing it, meaning property can’t be seized if you default on paying the loan or balance. The lender therefore has […]

How to Prepare Your Business for Litigation

As a leading business and civil litigation firm in Los Angeles, OakTree Law will help your small business prepare for a lawsuit. Many small business owners are unfamiliar with the process. Lawsuits are more common than you think. They may be filed by customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, partners, and others while your organization may find […]

OakTree’s New Year’s Resolution

OakTree’s New Year’s Resolution

OakTree Law is committed to supplying our clients with the very best legal advice moving into 2022 and beyond. We continue to adhere to ethical practices and moral excellence in every facet of foreclosure and bankruptcy law. Our reputation lies in our ability to bring parties together and resolve disputes without unnecessary legal intervention. We […]

Estate Law 101: Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics

When you hear the term “estate planning” thoughts of sprawling estates with lush gardens and water features come to mind. But that isn’t at all a reality. The reality is, you don’t have to have to be a millionaire to need estate planning legal services.  So what is an estate and what is estate planning? […]

How to Stop Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is a procedure in which some of your earnings will be withheld to pay off your debt. Unpaid taxes, child support, back rent or property damage, consumer debts, and student loans are all debts that may trigger the court to garnish your wages.  However unfortunate, debt is not an unfamiliar situation for many […]