Why More and More Seniors Are Filing for Bankruptcy


The number of senior citizens who have filed for bankruptcy has risen dramatically. According to The New York Times, although the number of older Americans has increased about 500%, about 12% of those are now seniors. In 1991, seniors represented just 2.1% of filers, representing a nearly 10-fold increase in less than three decades. Why […]

How to Stay Out of Debt This Upcoming Holiday Season


Going deep into debt is one of the leading reasons people file for bankruptcy. Although the spending pressures of the holiday season are just beginning, you can stay out of debt by treading carefully. You may not need a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney if you resist the temptation to overspend. Despite all the deals retailers […]

Assets You Should Not Transfer Prior To Bankruptcy


If your financial situation warrants bankruptcy, you may be considering moving assets to protect them. However, your Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney may suggest otherwise. Filing for bankruptcy is complicated. It is designed to protect you as well as your creditors. As such, there are certain assets you don’t want to transfer, as doing so may […]

How to Handle Medical Debt


Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy, even for people who have health insurance, according to the American Journal of Medicine. Health care costs have soared. A single medical crisis or hospital stay can send you running for debt relief. The medical billing system is complex, but there are ways to handle medical debt […]

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help


OakTree Law is known for personal injury, bankruptcy legal services, and its aggressive stance against negligent parties and insurance companies. Automobile accidents, work-related injuries, and medical errors affect tens of thousands of people in the United States every year. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can assess your case and fight for maximum compensation. However, […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collection

Final Notice

Debt collectors often resort to unreasonable, and illegal, means to seek payments from consumers. Regardless of their unscrupulous actions, you have the last say in how you manage debt. A Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney can determine whether the debt collector is being fair and can provide solutions to help pay off your debt. When a […]