How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

OakTree Lawpersonal-injury-law is known for personal injury, bankruptcy legal services, and its aggressive stance against negligent parties and insurance companies. Automobile accidents, work-related injuries, and medical errors affect tens of thousands of people in the United States every year. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can assess your case and fight for maximum compensation. However, the consequences of your accident and injury can be far-reaching.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be extremely complex. An experienced attorney knows all the fine details and how to proceed, including:

  • Organizing all records to be examined
  • Gathering witness accounts
  • Helping with the required paperwork
  • Collaborating with investigators
  • Negotiating with insurers

A court appearance isn’t always necessary. Nor is it the simplest and most affordable approach. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement before the case goes to court. Mediation is another option, so you can receive the legal help you need and recover your claim.

A Personal Injury Attorney Saves Time and Money

From the start, your lawyer can say whether your case is worth pursuing. If the case isn’t likely to win, the expenses of litigation can be avoided. There is also lots of red tape when it comes to legal procedures, paperwork, and medical terminology. A personal injury attorney will review the documents, photographs, statements, and other evidence related to your claim for you.

Contingency litigation is another benefit. You are not charged unless your case wins, which helps if you have endured financial hardship as a result of an injury, or have been struggling financially to begin with. This also helps focus on the best settlement possible and not the first offer you receive.

Other advantages of working with an attorney include:

  • Access to a skilled team of investigators, specializing in cases like yours.
  • Objective advice, outside the anger, frustration, and pain resulting from your injury.
  • The ability to exchange facts and documents with the other side’s attorney.
  • Experience with the tactics used by insurance companies.

Financial disruptions can affect your ability to pay creditors. Although contacting creditors ahead of time can allow for certain arrangements to be made, your lawyer can contact them to verify an accident took place. They can also make an agreement for proceeds to be paid out of a settlement, so loans, for example, do not go into default.

Lastly, your attorney is your best tool in receiving compensation. The settlement funds you receive can be used to pay for medical expenses and may make up for lost wages. Future lost earnings may be covered as well. Compensation can protect you and your family from the long-lasting impacts of a personal injury.

OakTree Law provides dependable representation by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney so, if injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can receive financial compensation whether hurt by a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, defective product, or medical malpractice. Call us at 562-219-2979 or request a free evaluation today.