Loan Modification and the Lemon Law

I recently had a client that had retained our office to help with his home loan modification. Through the process I got to know this client and his family well, as we talked often, and were working closely together to help them keep their home. As time passed, the client started telling me how he was having problems with his 2008 RV that they had purchased brand new in 2008 to take family vacations. I began inquiring as to what kind of problems, and realized that this client’s vacation home had turned into a real nightmare.

I asked the client to send me a copy of the invoices he had for the repairs done over the last three years, as well as copies of the letters he had written to the RV manufacturer regarding his frustration with their product. I was shocked at the amount of invoices helemon law had. Well over 50 repairs had been required over the past three years! I decided that once his modification was completed successfully, we would move on to saving his vacation home through the use of California’s Lemon Law.

After much persistence in calling the RV manufacturer I was finally able to get through to the vice president who agreed to fly out to California and take a look at my client’s RV. In the demand letter our office had requested that the RV company take care of the costs of repairs over the past three years, and fix my client’s RV so that it would function properly.

The vice president flew to California to do the inspection and the offer we got after the vice president’s inspection was beyond unexpected. This family-owned RV company agreed to build my client a brand new 2012 RV to replace the faulty 2008 model, custom to my client’s needs! Needless to say my client readily agreed.

In getting to know this client through the modification process, we not only saved his home, but we were able to look beyond his modification needs and use our legal influence to save his vacation home as well!

Julie J. Moradi-Lopes