Why Choose OakTree Law?


There comes a time in every law firm’s lifespan where we have to shamelessly promote ourselves and toot our own horn. This would be that time. There are a million reasons why we believe that OakTree Law is at the top of our class, but allow us to outline those reasons here.

Life is full of unexpected circumstances. While you can attempt to plan for any circumstance, you can’t possibly think of every scenario, especially when it comes to finances. Throughout the years, OakTree Law has been helping homeowners and small businesses overcome immense financial setbacks like foreclosure and bankruptcy. Our Los Angeles and Orange County foreclosure and bankruptcy law firm is dedicated to helping our clients achieve future goals and reclaim their economic independence. 

  • Trustworthy – OakTree Law prides ourselves on being a reliable legal resource. Since the firm’s inception, the goal has always been to provide honest legal assistance to our clients. We are not afraid to think outside of the box and explore any and all options to find the best outcome for each individual.
  • Compassionate Client Care – At OakTree Law we put an emphasis on exceptional client care and satisfaction. Everyone, at one time or another, has gone through financial hardships or debt. Our team of Los Angeles foreclosure lawyers and expert bankruptcy attorneys are here to help lift you out of debt and give you a fresh start. We truly care and want to offer our clients freedom from financial burden, so they can get back to concentrating on the more important things in life.

It’s time for new beginnings. If you are staring down debt or need guidance with a delicate financial matter, don’t hesitate to contact OakTree Law: 562.219.2979

Providing Financial Independence & Debt Relief

Every situation is unique. No matter the severity of your financial rut, you can rest assured that you have a safe place to speak freely at OakTree Law. Our highly knowledgeable staff and debt savvy attorneys act as sounding boards, as well as consultants, to chip away at the crux of your issue and find lasting solutions. We are all about personal attention. After all, you deserve it!

There is a reason why bankruptcy, foreclosure, loan modification and mortgage litigation were created in the first place, so individuals and families can get a fresh start. It is wise to explore these solutions if you find yourself in a bind.

What makes our foreclosure and bankruptcy law firm so special is that we tailor our efforts to suit the needs of each individual client. Even when clients think their circumstances are insurmountable, OakTree Law has carved a path to success. Debt does not mean despair. You deserve a life free of excessive debt and an opportunity to rebuild.

Unlike other firms that have experience in only one aspect of debt relief, our Los Angeles law firm has attorneys that are skilled in all related areas, including litigation, loan modifications, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy law (Chapters 7, 11 and 13), estate planning and even immigration law. This allows OakTree Law to provide our clients with the most comprehensive solutions to debt-related issues.

It’s time for new beginnings. If you are staring down debt or need guidance with a delicate financial matter, don’t hesitate to contact OakTree Law: 562.219.2979