Fair Debt Collection Practices

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Both federal and state laws limit the tactics that collection agencies can use when contacting you. California’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifically outlines your rights as a state resident. A skilled Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney can take action against collection agencies that employ harassment and intimidation.

Fair Debt Collection Practices & Your Rights

Oaktree Law attorneys can offer immediate legal protection. Debt relief is challenging enough without constant phone calls to your home or place of work. It’s important to stand up against such practices. Our firm has been recognized by hg.org and has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau because we put our clients’ needs first and work to protect them from aggressive collection agency practices.

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Collection Agency Harassment

The federal government and the state of California have passed legislation against collection agency harassment. These statutes work cohesively to define borrowers’ rights.

They also provide legal means against violations including:

  • Using obscene or profane language
  • Calling outside the hours of 8am and 9pm
  • Making repeated calls over short periods of time
  • Using any manner of mail that shows it was sent from a collection agency
  • Refusing to identify the name of the caller or the agency’s name
  • Threatening physical harm or damage to property
  • Sending literature that resembles legal documents when it is not
  • Sharing information with your employer
  • Failing to clearly outline methods to dispute a bill
  • Pretending to be someone besides a collector

With so many people struggling under the weight of excessive debt, it is impossible for regulators to monitor all collection efforts. Many violations of the FDCPA go unchallenged. Our knowledge of fair debt collection practices can protect your rights and your peace of mind.

Upholding Your State and Federal Protections

Just because you are in debt doesn’t mean you must endure unprincipled collectors.  You deserve an advocate who can protect you from unscrupulous and harassing collection practices.  Reach out to an Orange County bankruptcy attorney for dedicated legal support and representation.

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