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Will bankruptcy affect my career?

It’s expected you’ll have concerns about the impact of a bankruptcy filing on your career. After all, the internet now makes an employer’s credit history check much simpler. A highly-qualified Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand the truth about bankruptcy. Your career will be one of the main points discussed during our evaluation.

The trusted Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys at Oaktree Law understand bankruptcy law as well as its effects on our clients’ lives. We can apprise you of your rights and what you can reasonably expect.

Why let our firm help with your bankruptcy?

We offer in-depth knowledge of life after bankruptcy and help eliminate the myths promoted by creditors to keep you in debt.

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The Effects of Bankruptcy on Professional Life

Lenders benefit by promoting the social stigma of bankruptcy. And what better way to generate fear than through your career. The simple truth is that losing your job, or encountering any type of discrimination based on your bankruptcy filing is prohibited by the federal government (11 USC §525(a) and (b)). It is typically uncommon for an employer to pour over bankruptcy proceedings to see if you have filed recently since firing anyone on such a basis is illegal.

Further, for most job applicants, AB22 prevents most employers in California from using applicants’ credit reports when making hiring decisions. These protections should afford some relief to those considering filing for bankruptcy but fearful of how it may affect their jobs.

Bankruptcy Attorney serving Los Angeles and Orange County

Every case is unique, as are the terms you agreed to with your employer. We will evaluate the regulations of any contract you have signed. But part of our expertise is defending your right to start anew.

Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys understand the many facets of filing bankruptcy including the effects on your career. We will offer the information you need to understand bankruptcy and its affects.

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