Can You Obtain Credit Cards After Bankruptcy?

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Obtaining Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Your access to credit should be a major concern when considering bankruptcy. Far from being locked out, borrowing may be possible sooner than you think. Each case is unique, but credit cards can be a helpful tool in rebuilding credit scores. An Orange County bankruptcy attorney from our firm can help with the process.

Oaktree Law attorneys can help you understand how bankruptcy will affect your future spending. Filing bankruptcy is not a death sentence. Credit can be used responsibly when you’re in control of your debt. You have a strong advocate in our firm.

We have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because we understand what struggling with debt can do to a person and a family.  We can work hard to help you get out from under your substantial debt.

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Credit Card Companies

You may be surprised to learn that credit card companies view recent filers as credit worthy. Since you won’t be able to file for bankruptcy again for eight years, you must be disciplined in your borrowing. Offers may begin to arrive in your mailbox shortly. However, it is frequently the first step in rebuilding your credit score and getting on the right financial path.

An Unlikely Ally

Handled recklessly, credit cards can create insurmountable debt. But after a bankruptcy, they can help rebuild your credit if used appropriately. Creditors will trust you again when they see the following:

  • Only the Essentials Limit your purchases on credit
  • Timely Payments Credit cards can’t help your score if you don’t pay on time
  • Prepaid Credit Cards A sure way to rebuild credit while limiting risk

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Our attorneys can help you understand the possibilities of life after bankruptcy. You can be trusted with credit again.

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