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The San Fernando Valley is a highly urbanized area that includes parts of the City of Los Angeles as well as Burbank, San Fernando, Calabasas, and Hidden Hills. It is home to several prominent film and television studios, the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, and numerous museums. Various mountains surround The Valley, providing a beautiful backdrop and recreational areas where one can explore many parks and trails.

Why OakTree Law

OakTree Law is known throughout Southern California for bankruptcy services and legal expertise revolving around financial matters. It was founded in 2009 with the idea of providing individualized legal solutions. Founder Julie J. Villalobos has grown a team of experienced attorneys who can help clients find relief from financial hardship in a wide range of situations. If you need a lawyer for debt relief, are facing aggressive action by lenders or creditors, or have a business dispute, OakTree Law can help.

Our Legal Services


  • Chapter 7: Discharges some or part of credit card, tax, and other unsecured debts and may liquidate non-exempt assets to pay lenders in part. Can be used by individuals or businesses.
  • Chapter 11: If you are a person or business with a high net worth, you can reorganize your finances and retain control of a business without closing it down.
  • Chapter 13: Our bankruptcy attorney can help if you earn a steady income but need to address your debt. This plan secures property and creates a plan to reorganize and pay off amounts you owe.
  • Chapter 20: Allows you to discharge debt via a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing and pay off the remainder as part of a Chapter 13 plan.

By filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay stops calls from debt collectors, threats of foreclosure, wage garnishments, and other activities.


Homeowners often believe foreclosure is the final step in the bank taking their home. However, this does not have to be the case, as there are many options available to avoid a foreclosure sale. Our attorneys can help guide you through some complex alternatives.

Loan Modification

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If you are experiencing financial hardship and have a reasonably good payment history, your bank may agree to alter the terms of your mortgage or loan. It may be temporary or permanent, but you could get help if you have an adjustable-rate or high interest rate mortgage or owe more than the value of your property.

Business and Civil Litigation

OakTree Law can help in a variety of business litigation matters. Our business and civil litigation lawyer can assist you in a breach of contract, corporate dispute, partnership dispute, intellectual property, wrongful termination, or franchise bankruptcy case.

Estate Planning

Wills, living trusts, durable power of attorney, and advance health care directives allow you to grant control over your estate and decide how your assets will be distributed should you become incapacitated or pass away. This can make distribution of assets easier for family and friends later.

Short Sale Negotiation

A short sale negotiation is an option if your San Fernando Valley property meets the qualifications and your current loan payments are a financial burden. To qualify, your home must be less than the amount of the unpaid principle on your loan (based on comparable sales in your area), and your lender must approve of the sale.

Mortgage Litigation

Homeowners in financial distress often explore multiple options yet are denied any request for relief. If your lender has acted unfairly, you can take legal action against them; OakTree Law can help determine if litigation is the best option in your situation.

Notary Services

Our in-house notary service makes adoption papers, affidavits, deeds, divorce/settlement, pre-nuptial agreements, escrow/title documents, trusts, and vehicle title transfers legally binding in the state of California.

Personal Injury

A serious accident can happen at any time; in an instant, you may face a long physical and emotional recovery plus ongoing medical care, loss of income, and other financial strains. Our personal injury attorney is experienced at getting clients compensated for car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bite, defective product, and other cases.

Real Estate Law

If you’re a home or business owner, you may face legal challenges with contract negotiations, eminent domain, a landlord-tenant dispute, eviction, property sales, real estate closings, leasing, or title review. Our real estate attorneys can help in any matter of real estate law.

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OakTree Law can help if you are facing financial hardship, foreclosure, or any of the challenges mentioned above. A wide range of legal services are available in the San Fernando Valley. We’re proud to work with clients whether they require a bankruptcy attorney, business litigation help, or someone familiar with real estate law. To learn more, call our Woodland Hills office at 818-337-4403 or request your free evaluation online.