Bankruptcy with Foreclosure Defense

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If foreclosure proceedings have already begun, a synthesis of bankruptcy and foreclosure defense may be appropriate. By first filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed which will stop the sale of your home while we pursue a course of action suited to your circumstances.

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Oaktree Law is experienced in customizing foreclosure defenses and guiding families through bankruptcy. When necessary, we’re prepared to combine both approaches to provide immediate relief, and a long-term plan.

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How Bankruptcy works with Foreclosure Defense

When filed at the appropriate time, a  bankruptcy filing can pave the way for a successful foreclosure defense. The bankruptcy will stay the sale of your home while we design a permanent solution to your debt relief.

No matter which chapter of bankruptcy you are eligible for, an automatic stay will be placed at the time of filing. Bankruptcy may even make it easier for you to obtain a loan modification, or take advantage of other forms of foreclosure defense. Bankruptcy has other added benefits, such as discharging unsecured and undersecured debt, and helping you reorganize for a more stable financial future.

Whether you need a loan modification, become current on the payments through a plan, seek a short sale, or simply walk away from the property, you’ll be more empowered to secure your families well-being.

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