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San Diego is the second largest city in California and home to many types of businesses. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the best places to open a small business or startup company, while the area is a manufacturing, research, technology, biotechnology, and tourism hub. San Diego, located adjacent to the Mexican border, is about 110 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

OakTree Law is here to serve any business or individual in need of a bankruptcy attorney and is trusted throughout California for business litigation services. Our office is conveniently located downtown near Sixth Avenue and C Street, along the Blue Line Tram route. Founded in 2009 by Julie J. Villalobos, we have grown our firm to help address various financial concerns with individual solutions for our clients.

Why OakTree Law

Our experienced attorneys focus on finding unique legal solutions for each case. Whether you’re facing a high amount of debt or can benefit from loan modification, foreclosure defense, or bankruptcy, we can achieve the result you need. We help homeowners in distress by using solutions available to them under California law. Even if your lending institution hasn’t informed you of all possible avenues, our team will educate you, quote an upfront fee, and assign a lawyer who will thoroughly assess your situation and work with you every step of the way. Since 2013, we’ve received an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau every year.

Our Legal Services


Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision to make. Despite the stigma associated with it, bankruptcy can be a productive solution for a range of financial circumstances. Our San Diego bankruptcy attorney can help whether you are overwhelmed by credit card debt, are struggling with your mortgage, or are facing franchise bankruptcy. At OakTree Law, we can help with the following solutions:

  • Chapter 7 – At the approval of lenders and the court, you can have unsecured debt discharged or sell assets to pay debts; this option is available to individuals and businesses in San Diego.
  • Chapter 11 – Whether you’re someone with a high net worth or a business owner looking to continue operating, this bankruptcy option can help achieve your goals, protect assets, and reorganize debt to create a repayment plan.
  • Chapter 13 – If you have a large debt burden and a steady income, this option can help reorganize your debts, negotiate a payment plan, and secure your property.
  • Chapter 20 – Discharges your debt via a Chapter 7 filing and allows you to create a payment plan by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Having your home foreclosed on can mean losing your place of residence. We work with San Diego homeowners to inform them of their rights and guide them through the complex process of finding an alternative they and their lender can agree on.

Loan Modification

A change in the terms of your mortgage can help make payments more manageable. If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, are paying a high interest rate, or the amount remaining is more than what your property is worth, we’ll work with your bank to make permanent or temporary changes that keep your loan current and avoid foreclosure.

Business and Civil Litigation

Business litigation and civil litigation matters can be complex to navigate. Our attorneys can provide representation and protect your rights in circumstances such as breach of contract, corporate/partnership disputes, employment legal issues, insurance bad faith, theft of trade secrets, breach of intellectual property law, fraud, wrongful termination, or issues pertaining to real estate law.

Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to have control over how your assets are distributed in the future, reducing the burden on your family or friends. We help with wills and living trusts as well as advance health care directives and durable power of attorney to help achieve your goals.

Short Sale Negotiation

A lender may agree to a short sale if your property is worth less than the remaining principal on your mortgage loan or you are facing financial hardship. In a short sale, your property is sold for less than the amount of your loan; lenders may agree to this as the foreclosure process can be more costly and time consuming.

Mortgage Litigation

When you face financial hardship, you have a right to pursue alternatives to foreclosure, but homeowners are often denied requests for loan modifications and other forms of relief. Taking legal action against your lender may be the next best step; our attorneys are skilled in this area and can determine if litigation is a suitable option.

Notary Services

Our San Diego Notary Public provides notarization of financial, real estate, and estate planning documents. If you require adoption papers, affidavits, child custody agreements, deeds, pre-nuptial agreements, or escrow/title, legal, medical, or travel documents notarized, we can help.

Personal Injury

When you need a personal injury attorney, OakTree Law can represent you in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident; medical malpractice; dog bite; defective product; or slip and fall case. With legal support, you can obtain a settlement to compensate for medical bills, loss of income, and other financial stresses as well as your physical and emotional recovery.

Real Estate Law

The real estate business involves various activities in which your legal rights are at stake, such as contract negotiations, real estate investment, eminent domain, landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, closings, sales, leasing, and title review. We work with home and business owners to protect their rights, streamline transactions, and settle disputes.

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If you are facing financial difficulties or a business dispute, you can trust the attorneys at OakTree Law to provide a personalized solution for you. We provide a wide range of financially focused and other legal services in San Diego. To discuss your specific situation and receive a free evaluation, reach out to us online or call 888-348-2609 today.