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Litigation matters affect individuals, companies, and institutions in business, real estate, construction, and a host of other matters that require resolution from experienced professionals.

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Anyone involved in complicated claims whether on behalf of a business or private individual should seek representation from a civil litigation lawyer in Los Angeles to help navigate the legal process and protect your interests.

As an A+ rated law firm by the Better Business Bureau, OakTree Law is fully committed to effective corporate litigation and achieving positive results for its clients. We have helped countless clients in our many years of serving Los Angeles and the greater Orange County area and we know how to effectively resolve your case, no matter how complex. Trust OakTree Law to fight hard on your behalf both in and out of court.


Our firm handles a wide range of legal matters having to do with corporate litigation:

Legal BooksBusiness litigation: Business legal disputes can arise when one or more parties don’t honor an agreement. Breach of contract, fraud, non-compliance, and unfair business practices may be the focus of the lawsuit. Employment litigation is a subset of this area. Litigation may also focus on the dissolution or break up of a business.

Paycheck: Los Angeles Bankruptcy AttorneyBreach of contract: In business, contracts are drafted and signed on a routine basis. You may rely on a business law attorney to manage the contract’s writing and authority. It’s also not uncommon for one party named in a contract to not fulfill their obligations. Such disputes, if not resolved, demand the help of an experienced litigation attorney.

Oaktree Law - Lawyer Consultation; Orange County Bankruptcy LawyerPartnership & corporate disputes: Such a dispute can have a detrimental effect on your business. It may arise due to a misunderstanding, or perhaps a contract has ambiguous terms. Our Los Angeles business litigation attorney can represent you and your firm to work out challenging disputes, so all parties can work out their differences.

Los Angeles litigation attorney - engineers at the construction siteConstruction: Building contractors may not live up to their promises on deliverables, delaying a project and costing developers and other stakeholders dearly. Defects in materials and workmanship can have drastic impacts; a civil litigation attorney can hold a negligent party responsible.

Los Angeles business litigation lawyer - Folder with close up on the word claims and a note where it is written under investigation. Concept of insurance fraud 3d IllustrationInsurance bad faith: A bad faith claim may hold an insurance company liable for denial of coverage or failure to properly negotiate a settlement. By law, an insurance company owes those it insures a duty to act in good faith. If you’ve taken all other reasonable steps, our business attorney can help litigate a case against the insurer.

Foreclosure Sign And House With Dramatic Sky Background.Real estate: Our attorneys specialize in real estate litigation practices such as Quiet Title action, or can help with broker and lender misrepresentation, fraud, and predatory lending. If you’ve been foreclosed wrongfully or in error, we can file an unlawful detainer, so you can remain at home until the matter is resolved.

Copyright rubber stamp and sealing wax stamp on the craft pepeIntellectual property: Our attorneys specialize in trademark, patent, and copyright law to protect your creation against unauthorized use, or infringement. If you pursue an infringement case in court, our lawyers can represent you, uphold your legal rights, and determine whether litigation is in your best interest.

Oaktree Law - Bankruptcy and Divorce; Couple being Counseled; Los Angeles Bankruptcy AttorneyWrongful termination: Employers terminate workers for many reasons. A termination may be wrongful if it’s to punish an employee for seeking workers’ compensation. Being fired for reasons of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, a disability, or having an arrest record constitute wrongful termination as well.

Business man signing a contractTheft of trade secrets: Information on trademarked products is considered confidential. If a competitor or any other party acquires or uses this information without your consent, our business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles can assist you in filing an intellectual property claim. Trade secrets may involve any aspect of your business, product, or idea.

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Employment disputes: Wrongful termination and job discrimination are prohibited by law, but dealing with them legally can be a challenge. Our experienced business attorney can provide legal counsel if you think you’ve been discriminated against, harassed, or faced hostility at work. For employers, we seek to resolve disputes quickly but in a manner fair to both parties.

Scam AlertMisrepresentation and fraud: In real estate, misrepresentation is when a client has been deceived by a broker or lender. It can lead to deals, such as a mortgage approval, that are unaffordable. If you’re a victim of fraud, our attorney can fight for you to recover financial damages and hold the defendant accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

REST Report - Orange County Foreclosure LawyerBreach of fiduciary duty: Applies to someone entrusted as the executor or trustee of a will or trust, who does not carry out the duties and interests specified in the document. The trustee can be held liable for fraud, withholding information, failing to keep accurate financial records, and not abiding by laws related to administering an estate.

Each corporate litigation case begins with an investigation and evaluation of your claims or defenses by an experienced business attorney. We can therefore make a proper assessment of your case with respect to your goals for pursuing litigation. Afterwards, your Orange County or Los Angeles litigation attorney can move forward with filing the claim and/or responding to the complaint.


Why Should I Hire an Attorney for Business Litigation?

Your litigation lawyer can help resolve the dispute sooner or recommend the right course of action. Our business attorney can also review the contract and thoroughly evaluate the evidence on both sides. They can also plan the steps appropriate to reaching a favorable outcome.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is when an independent third party reviews a case and comes to a decision both parties are bound to. The case then cannot be filed in court, but legal counsel may be present during arbitration proceedings.

What Is Mediation?

An informal process, mediation is the participation of a third party (mediator) in resolving a dispute. The purpose isn’t to arrive at a solution, but to help both parties negotiate a settlement.

What Should I Prepare to Bring When I Meet My Business Litigation Attorney?

A sequence of events is required to back up your claim. Your attorney is going to need to know who did what, when, and why. Bring any contracts (and amendments), emails, letters, text messages, photographs, or anything that pertains to your dispute.

Should I Hire an Attorney If My Partners and I Plan on Dissolving Our Company?

Yes. Each party has an obligation following dissolution of your company. An attorney can point out any liabilities you or your partners may have, help avoid future issues, and assist in dividing up assets and debts.

Can Business Disputes Be Settled Outside the Court?

Many disputes are settled outside the courtroom. Our goal is to help find a solution that is in our clients’ best interests. A trial may be an eventuality, but negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are often productive forms of alternative dispute resolution.

What Should I Do If My Business Partner Breached Our Contract?

Contact a business law attorney as soon as possible. Any breach of contract can damage your business, but you can minimize losses and protect information by acting quickly. Your attorney will first need to see the contract and copies of any applicable correspondences.

How Much Will a Business Lawsuit Cost?

The cost of a lawsuit includes attorney’s fees and expenses related to investigating, bringing in expert witnesses, court reporters, transcribing/videotaping depositions, travel, long-distance telephone calls, postage, and more. The type of case, court rulings, and motions by the opposition are other factors to consider.

What Happens If Someone Files a Lawsuit Against My Business?

Contact a Los Angeles business litigation attorney if you get a letter demanding payment or threatens action that may harm your business. Your attorney can help resolve the issue, deal with future legal matters, or handle the specifics of the case. Remember, the discovery stage can take six to twelve months, and litigation can take one to two years, so it helps to have a business attorney.


OakTree Law can provide experienced legal support to give you the chance to make a decision based on an understanding of your rights and obligations under the law. Only then should you choose whether to litigate your claim or settle; and if you decide to litigate, how you should prepare your case for trial. As your Los Angeles business litigation attorney, our goal, should you pursue litigation, is to help you decide when it might be favorable to you to settle during the course of the legal proceedings.

Our firm believes in working to resolve your disputes quickly during the negotiation phase rather than litigating if possible. However, we are unafraid of trial proceedings when they are in your best interests. You can trust OakTree Law to work consistently to obtain the best outcome possible for your case.

Speak with our business litigation attorneys in Los Angeles or Orange County by calling (562) 219-2979 and set up a no-cost consultation!