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Litigation matters affect individuals, companies, and institutions in business, real estate, construction, and a host of other matters that require resolution from experienced professionals.

Anyone involved in complicated claims whether on behalf of a business or private individual should seek representation from a civil litigation attorney in Los Angeles to help navigate the legal process and protect your interests.

As an A+ rated law firm by the Better Business Bureau, Oaktree Law is fully committed to achieving positive results for its clients. We have helped countless clients in our many years of serving Los Angeles and the greater Orange County area and we know how to effectively resolve your case, no matter how complex. Trust Oaktree Law to fight hard on your behalf both in and out of court.

The Litigation Experience You Need

Our firm handles a wide range of legal matters having to do with litigation:

Each litigation case begins with an investigation and evaluation of your claims or defenses to make a proper assessment of your cases with respect to your goals for pursuing litigation. Afterwards, your Orange County litigation attorney can move forward with filing the claim and/or responding to the complaint.

Oaktree Law: Standing By Your Side Through Difficult Times

Oaktree Law can provide experienced legal support to give you the chance to make a decision based on an understanding of your rights and obligations under the law. Only then should you choose whether to litigate your claim or settle; and if you decide to litigate, how you should prepare your case for trial. As your Los Angeles litigation lawyer, our goal, should you pursue litigation, is to help you decide when it might be favorable to you to settle during the course of the legal proceedings.

Our firm believes in working to resolve your disputes quickly during the negotiation phase rather than litigating if possible. However, we are unafraid of trial proceedings when they are in your best interests. You can trust Oaktree Law to work consistently to obtain the best outcome possible for your case.

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