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Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

When insurance companies fail to live up to their end of their agreements by short-changing clients or illegitimately denying claims, they need to be held accountable. Whether disability, health, life, long term care, or homeowners insurance benefits are at stake, our Los Angeles business litigation attorneys help our clients get what they pay for.

Oaktree Law exists to ensure that clients are treated fairly by the claims process and the law. We have the experience and tenacity necessary to adequately represent you in and out of court. The legal process is convoluted and expansive, and you need a professional to have the best chance of a positive outcome. Trust our firm to stand beside you through this process.

You Deserve to be Treated Fairly by Insurers

If your insurer is trying to get out of paying you what you need or changing the terms of your policy or cancel it without giving you due notice, you have rights that need to be upheld more than ever.

There are a myriad ways insurance companies attempt to withhold from you:

  • Delaying claim processing
  • Threats against the insured
  • Refusal to defend a lawsuit
  • Inadequate claim investigation
  • Requiring excessive forms and reports
  • Refusing to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • Denying health insurance coverage after a medical diagnosis
  • Refusal to pay a claim in compliance under your policy

Large insurance companies have vast resources at their disposal, which can mean a team of attorneys working on their behalf to protect them from paying you what you may deserve. This means you need a tough-minded Orange County bad faith insurance attorney behind you who has a positive track record when it comes to holding insurers accountable.

Insurers who delay or deny your rightful benefits unreasonably violate their duty of good faith inherent in every insurance policy and could leave the insurance company vulnerable to various types of damages which would be awarded to the policy holder.

Oaktree Law Stands By Our Clients

Oaktree Law handles such bad-faith claims from several types of insurance in Los Angeles, Orange County, and all Southern California. Get an aggressive team you can trust on your side when you need to take on the big insurance companies.

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