Top Mistakes a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Avoid

Filing for bankruptcy can help you get out of debt and improve your financial situation. But it is a complex and time-consuming process with many rules. Filing yourself is never recommended. A single mistake can be costly, get your case dismissed, and result in legal penalties. A bankruptcy attorney is knowledgeable in the U.S. Bankruptcy […]

How Can Loan Modification Lawyers Help?

To approve a loan, a lender will assess your past and present finances. But future financial hardships can make it difficult to pay off a loan, especially a mortgage. If you’re struggling to make mortgage payments, the contract can be modified to adjust the loan’s repayment terms. Loan modification lawyers can assist in restructuring your […]

What Should I Know About Wage Garnishment?

A creditor or government agency can garnish wages from your paycheck to cover unpaid debt. There are laws governing this process and several ways to stop wage garnishment. A wage garnishment lawyer can protect your rights. It also helps to better understand the process so you can more easily weigh your options, repay debts, and […]

When Do I Need a Civil Fraud Attorney?

Worldwide, fraud accounts for over $4.7 trillion in losses annually, according to a 2022 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.1 A civil lawsuit involving fraud doesn’t focus on proving guilt and convicting the defendant. It may even focus on a party other than the defendant used to engage in fraudulent activities. While the […]

How Can a Foreclosure Attorney Help Win Your Case?

Facing foreclosure is a time of challenge and uncertainty. On top of financial difficulties, you may be dealing with aggressive mortgage companies and the prospect of having your home taken away. That’s why you should never navigate a foreclosure case without an attorney. There are many ways a foreclosure attorney can improve the odds your […]

What Is a Homestead Exemption?

  Any homeowner has to deal with property taxes. But you can reduce the amount you owe with a homestead exemption. Are you asking, “What is a homestead exemption?” In California, you can qualify for an exemption of up to $600,000 with the state’s homestead exemption rules that went into effect in 2021. If you’re […]

How Can a Mortgage Attorney Help After Bankruptcy?

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, applying for a mortgage or any type of loan may seem futile. Could it even be possible to secure such financial backing? With a bankruptcy attorney, it is. That’s not to say there are no challenges in getting approved for a mortgage. However, your chances are not completely eliminated. Here […]

How Does My Bankruptcy Lawyer Get Paid?

Filing for bankruptcy is sort of a paradox. You’re looking for financial relief, but obtaining that relief comes at a cost. If your finances are already tight, it’s normal to wonder how you’re going to pay a bankruptcy lawyer, or what the process is for how they get paid. We’ll now cover some common questions […]