How to Choose a Notary Public


Finding the right person to stamp your documents doesn’t sound very hard. But not all notary publics are the same; the legal requirements have changed, and notary services have become more diversified. Here are some tips on choosing a state-appointed notary public, plus information on our notary services at OakTree Law. What Does a Notary […]

Employer Liability and Defense: COVID-19 Litigation in California


The world has been turned inside-out by the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. Millions of families have suffered the death of a loved one or watched their livelihoods slip away. The United States has been unwittingly center stage in the COVID-19 global health crisis. With mandatory quarantines, widespread business closures, and questionable stimulus efforts […]

Will Bankruptcy Show Up on a Background Check in California?


When an employer, lender, or landlord reviews applications for new hires, bank loans, or housing, more often than not they will conduct a thorough background check. Background checks are generally used to verify your identity, but they also reveal other vital information about your past, including criminal history, work history, education, past evictions or foreclosures, […]

The Difference Between Nondischargeable Debt & Dischargeable Debt


While Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow filers to erase qualifying debt, nondischargeable debts can’t be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy. Qualifying debts include past-due credit card balances, unpaid medical bills, and personal loans, amongst others. The U.S. bankruptcy code won’t forgive debts like student loans, income tax debt, or legal fines. Those are considered nondischargeable […]

How to Create an Estate Planning Checklist


The idea of estate planning can be intimidating to some; that’s understandable. But planning your estate is an absolute necessity in the event that anything should happen to you that results in your death. Having an estate plan in place absolves your family members and heirs from future legal woes and saves them a trip […]