Press Release: OakTree Law Lead Attorney Julie J. Moradi-Lopes Becomes A Los Angeles Police Protective League Panel Attorney

Moradi-Lopes will be the first attorney to provide foreclosure defense and bankruptcy assistance to Los Angeles police officers as an approved panel lawyer.

Cerritos, CA – July 16th 2012 – Julie J. Moradi-Lopes was recently approved by the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) board of directors to become the organization’s first panel attorney specializing in bankruptcy and foreclosure defense law. LAPPL is an organization that represents Los Angeles police officers, assisting them primarily with employment law and other matters related directly to security and fairness within the workplace. Panel attorneys are approved by the full board of directors and are made available to members who need their specific legal expertise. Moradi-Lopes will be the first panel bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles to represent league members who are struggling with mortgage problems.

“Oaktree Law has always been committed to helping homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage,” explains Moradi-Lopes. “We’re honored to provide that same kind of care and assistance to the Los Angeles police force.” As the owner and lead attorney of Oaktree Law, Moradi-Lopes has been the driving force behind the office since its inception. Under her guidance, Oaktree Law has been able to provide foreclosure help in Orange County for numerous homeowners during California’s housing crisis.

About Oaktree Law: Founded by Julie J. Moradi-Lopes, Oaktree Law ( offers bankruptcy assistance and foreclosure defense in the Los Angeles and greater Orange County area. Oaktree Law is able to assist clients with both chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy, can help stop wage garnishment, and is able to help homeowners utilize programs like lien stripping, short sales, the HAMP, and home loan modification in Orange County that can allow homeowners to keep their homes and bring payments under control.