What Should I Expect From My Bankruptcy Attorney?

bankruptcy-attorney-client-discussingWhether you’re filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or other form of bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy attorney for help navigating the complex process. Bankruptcy can free you of debt or provide a more practical way to improve your financial situation. A bankruptcy case can be challenging; just filling out the right forms can be stressful, and all the legal details may seem foreign to someone who’s not a lawyer. At OakTree Law, our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney helps you every step of the way, providing essential services so you can expect:

Competent Legal Help and Advice

Some bankruptcy cases are more complicated than others. No matter how complex or difficult your case, your bankruptcy attorney should be able to help. Factors impacting the difficulty include the facts of the case, the type of bankruptcy you file, whether you own a small business, or whether your property will be sold by a bankruptcy trustee. Bankruptcy litigation can complicate matters as well, but your attorney should be able to proceed based on your type of case.

Sound Legal Advice

Although all the services your bankruptcy attorney will provide should be outlined in the retainer agreement, your attorney should offer you helpful advice. To start, they should inform you as to whether a bankruptcy filing is the right course of action. Your attorney should recommend the type of filing that applies to your financial goals and explain what to expect during each step of the process. Also, you should be informed of any risks or anticipated difficulties related to your case.

Any attorney should sound like they’re familiar with the type of case you have. To make sure, determine whether they’ve represented clients in similar situations and be sure to ask questions. Your attorney should be prompt in responding to your calls or emails.


All the paperwork involved in your case should be prepared and filed by your attorney. There are usually several lengthy forms. These would take a long time to fill out on your own. Fortunately, most bankruptcy attorneys employ specialized software to prepare and file paperwork required by the courts. Your attorney will require all your financial information including details on income, assets, expenses, and debt, which will be used to accurately complete the paperwork.

A bankruptcy attorney will also manage other forms or documents required by the court or your trustee. Their prompt action is important because meeting bankruptcy deadlines is essential. Otherwise, the process may be delayed, or your case may be dismissed. Bankruptcy attorneys must therefore be familiar with all rules and filing procedures in your jurisdiction.


Your attorney will represent you at mandatory hearings. These include the 341 meeting of creditors that all debtors filing for bankruptcy are required to attend. Additional hearings may be required, including Chapter 13 confirmation hearings, Chapter 7 reaffirmation hearings, or motion or objection hearings that may be filed by your creditors, trustee, or yourself. Before or at the start of your case, your attorney should advise you about any hearings you can anticipate attending.

Retain a Bankruptcy Attorney at OakTree Law

Oaktree Law is experienced with many types of bankruptcy and provides a range of bankruptcy and debt services to clients in Los Angeles and Orange County. Thanks to the expertise of our Los Angles and Orange County bankruptcy attorney, you can start the bankruptcy process with help choosing the right options and making the right decisions. Call today at 562-219-2979 or request a free evaluation by submitting your information online.