Second Time is a Charm for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

I got a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan confirmed this week for a couple who were really against the odds. This family had been taken advantage of by another law firm that claimed to specialize in bankruptcy. The clients never got to meet the actual attorney, they were charged more for their case than the statutory limit allows, and their case got dismissed without them even knowing, putting them at risk for losing their home to foreclosure!

If that wasn’t bad enough, after deciding to re-file a Chapter 13 with our office, the wife lost

Christmas House - Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


her job and it wasn’t clear if they would even be able to afford to keep their home. I was able to work with them to budget their Chapter 13 plan to cover the mortgage arrears and only pay back 1% of their unsecured debt over a 5 year period! I also got the Court to extend the automatic stay to guarantee their house would not be foreclosed upon while they were going through the bankruptcy process.

The clients were very scared and wary of filing for bankruptcy after having had such a horrible experience the first time, and were preparing themselves for the loss of their home close to the holidays. Thankfully their prayers were answered, and they now have a reorganization plan that is feasible and structured for long term relief.

I am thankful that I get to directly help people really make a difference in starting over, and easing the financial burdens they are going through. I am saddened that other attorneys can give us all a bad reputation, with dire consequences for their clients, but it was a wonderful Christmas gift to see this case move forward as it should and ensure that my clients really will be home for the holidays!

Julie J. Moradi-Lopes