How Can I Stop Foreclosure?

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If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments and have received a Notice of Default (NOD) from your lender, foreclosure is still not inevitable. There are several ways a Los Angeles foreclosure attorney can help you delay or stop further action. Sometimes, the lender will be open to a deal, since it’s usually better for them […]

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for Business Litigation?

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You may be successful in business, but handling a legal issue requires extensive training and expertise. Business litigation hearings can be difficult to navigate, especially if your legal knowledge is limited. There are many rules and loopholes to consider. Legal issues aren’t uncommon even if you run your business faithfully; here are reasons to hire […]

How to File Bankruptcy?

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If you’re facing an overwhelming amount of debt, bankruptcy provides a legal solution to your problems. It’s essentially a way to start over. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, you your debts may be discharged (meaning your legal obligation to pay them is eliminated) or an affordable three- to five-year payment plan can […]

Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect My Retirement?

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The Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) protects qualifying private company pensions. In 2005, Congress overhauled bankruptcy laws so that now almost all ERISA-qualified retirement accounts and pension funds cannot be accessed by creditors. However, there are exceptions, and state exemptions may apply to your property, so it’s important to consult a Los […]

Will Filing for Bankruptcy Affect My Job?

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Federal law prohibits any employer from firing someone because they filed for bankruptcy. Under Section 525 of the bankruptcy code, termination, discrimination, or denial of employment due to bankruptcy is forbidden. This includes both government and private employers. However, as any Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney knows, an employer can fire you for lying, breaking workplace […]

Common Foreclosure Scams to Avoid

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Homeowners often don’t know what to do about foreclosure when they lose their job or face unanticipated hardship. If things aren’t bad enough, a fraudulent foreclosure-related company can get word of your situation (foreclosure filings can be found in public records). Predatory “foreclosure consultants” or “foreclosure specialists” are out there looking for people like you. […]

What To Do About Tax Debt

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The Internal Revenue Service is a powerful creditor and owing money to the IRS can have consequences such as seized assets, garnished wages, and liens on property. However, there are various ways to deal with the situation, from communicating directly with the agency to receiving tax debt help from a legal professional. Here are several […]

6 Tips on How to Avoid Litigation

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Litigation can be distracting not to mention time consuming and expensive for your business. A legal dispute, no matter what the outcome, can damage its reputation and affect employee morale. There are many downsides to suing and being sued, to say the least. While your Los Angeles litigation attorney may be experienced and dependable, avoiding […]

Debt Repayment After Losing a Spouse

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The death of a spouse is an exceptional emotional burden. It can also be a financial one. While many things go away upon their loss, debt is not one of them. In a community property state such as California, husbands and wives are responsible for their spouse’s debt, even after they die. A Los Angeles […]

Can You Declare Bankruptcy More Than Once?

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Yes; there aren’t any limits as to how many bankruptcy filings you can have. But if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past, there are rules governing when and how you can proceed with a second bankruptcy and so on. That’s why it’s crucial to have a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney review your financial situation […]