6 Tips on How to Avoid Litigation

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Litigation can be distracting not to mention time consuming and expensive for your business. A legal dispute, no matter what the outcome, can damage its reputation and affect employee morale. There are many downsides to suing and being sued, to say the least. While your Los Angeles litigation attorney may be experienced and dependable, avoiding […]

Debt Repayment After Losing a Spouse

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The death of a spouse is an exceptional emotional burden. It can also be a financial one. While many things go away upon their loss, debt is not one of them. In a community property state such as California, husbands and wives are responsible for their spouse’s debt, even after they die. A Los Angeles […]

Can You Declare Bankruptcy More Than Once?

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Yes; there aren’t any limits as to how many bankruptcy filings you can have. But if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past, there are rules governing when and how you can proceed with a second bankruptcy and so on. That’s why it’s crucial to have a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney review your financial situation […]

Tips for Credit Repair for Bad Credit

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OakTree Law provides various services for people with high amounts of debt. But do you know how to fix your credit without declaring bankruptcy or taking other extreme measures? No professional skill is needed to begin credit repair. First, obtain a credit report directly from a credit bureau, such as Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, for […]

Bankruptcy Exemptions

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When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is a system that determines the property you get to keep and that which will be sold to pay your debts. You may get to keep your home, car, and other valuable personal assets during and after the bankruptcy process. Nonexempt property will be sold by the […]

Alternatives to Foreclosure

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Buying a home might be less difficult than it used to be, but paying for one still comes with challenges. If you lose your job or face an emergency, missing mortgage payments can have serious consequences. Your lender then has the right to repossess your home through foreclosure, a complex legal process; if the sale […]

What Should I Expect From My Bankruptcy Attorney?


Whether you’re filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or other form of bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy attorney for help navigating the complex process. Bankruptcy can free you of debt or provide a more practical way to improve your financial situation. A bankruptcy case can be challenging; just filling out the right forms can be stressful, […]

5 Common Injuries Suffered from a Car Accident


Personal injury law is a leading practice area at OakTree Law, and all our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are familiar with car accident injuries. Over 3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year due to car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some injuries heal with in days; others […]