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OakTree Law, a local law firm experienced with bankruptcy and other financially focused legal services, is proud to serve the city of Ontario. Whether you need a bankruptcy attorney or someone familiar with business litigation or personal injury law, our team can work to meet your goals and address your individual needs.

We are proud to serve the city of Ontario in San Bernardino County and are located just off the I-10 Freeway. Located just 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the city is known for its semi-arid climate and the bustling Ontario International Airport that carriers much of the region’s freight traffic. The Granada Theatre is located in Ontario and the city also hosts the second largest consumer Quilt Show in the country. The Toyota Arena, a multipurpose facility, hosts concerts, sporting events, and family oriented shows and is the Inland Empire’s largest enclosed arena.

Why OakTree Law

Since our founding in 2009, OakTree Law has grown from a small firm started in 2009 by bankruptcy attorney Julie J. Villalobos to the organization it is today. We now specialize in a wide array of financially focused legal services with a focus on providing individualized solutions for each client. Our attorneys are professional and compassionate. When you need a lawyer for a personal or business financial matter, you can trust our staff to assess your situation and determine the best options and solutions to regain control over your finances.

Our Legal Services


The decision to file for bankruptcy is never an easy one. We find clients don’t truly understand the advantages it can have and the protections available to them. There are several options available whether personal or franchise bankruptcy will help deal with overwhelming amounts of debt. Our bankruptcy attorney will help determine if this is the best course to take and what options will be most beneficial. At OakTree Law, we specialize in:

  • Chapter 7: Gives businesses and individuals an opportunity to pay down their debts. Unsecured debt may be discharged in full or in part, while some assets may be sold to pay off certain debts.
  • Chapter 11: Is available to businesses in which owners plan to continue operations. Chapter 11 reorganizes the company, and is also available to high-net-worth individuals.
  • Chapter 13: If you earn a steady income, but have accumulated a large amount of debt, this is one option that can help. It both reorganizes your debts into a repayment plan and secures your property.
  • Chapter 20: A more complicated solution our bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate. Chapter 20 combines a Chapter 7 to discharge much of your debt with a Chapter 13 filing to pay down the rest with a plan that works for you.


No homeowner wants to face foreclosure, but unforeseen financial difficulties can make it impossible to make monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners have rights in these situations, and our Ontario foreclosure attorney can work to find alternatives that let you keep your home.

Loan Modification

Oftentimes, a bank or other lender will agree to change the terms of your mortgage. The end result may be a lower interest rate and/or monthly payment; if you have a high interest rate loan, an adjustable-rate mortgage, or you owe more than your property is worth, you may be eligible for a loan modification.

Business and Civil Litigation

Our legal team is highly experienced in business litigation and civil legal matters. The legal path depends on individual circumstances, but we can help in breach of contract, partnership disputes, intellectual property issues, employment law, wrongful termination, and fraud and misrepresentation cases.

Estate Planning

Assistance with wills, living trusts, durable power of attorney, and advance health care directives allows you to plan your estate to benefit your loved ones later on. With estate planning, you can control how your assets will eventually be distributed.

Short Sale Negotiation

A short sale is when a home is sold for less than the remaining amount left to be paid on a loan. The lender may approve a short sale if this amount is less than comparable sales; your property must meet several qualifications, but this option can help manage financial hardships that prevent you from making your current loan payments.

Mortgage Litigation

Options, such as loan modification, are available to borrowers who experience financial troubles. However, lenders don’t always approve a homeowner’s requests, and still pursue foreclosure. When this happens, our attorneys can take a litigation approach to defend your home and provide representation on your behalf.

Notary Services

OakTree Law offers a notary service to certify adoption papers, affidavits, child custody agreements, deeds, divorce and pre-nuptial agreements, escrow and title documents, and more. Legal, medical, and travel documents as well as powers of attorney, trusts, and vehicle verification and title transfers may also need to be notarized, making them legal and binding in California.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been in a car, truck, bicycle, or motorcycle accident or experienced an injury due to a slip and fall, defective product, dog bite, or medical malpractice, our attorneys can determine the types of damages you are owed. We will fight for your rights and fair compensation for physical and emotional injury, loss of income, and medical bills.

Real Estate Law

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A variety of legal matters can arise in real estate. Home and business owners may need help with contract reviews, negotiations, eminent domain, evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, property purchases and sales, real estate closings, and residential and commercial leasing. Our attorneys can also help with title reviews and corporate planning for real estate investment.

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If you’d like to speak to a business litigation, estate planning, foreclosure, personal injury, real estate, or bankruptcy attorney in Ontario, CA, OakTree Law can provide a free evaluation of your situation and case. Contact us today if you have any questions or are in need of debt relief.