Partnership & Corporate Disputes

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When serious disputes arise, it can be a painful situation, to say nothing about the potential impact it may have on your business.

When ambiguities and misunderstandings arise, you need to make sure you have seasoned representation from a Los Angeles business litigation attorney who can work as a neutral protector of your interests whether the dispute can be resolved or if litigation is needed.

Oaktree Law specializes in helping with the legalities of business and corporate issues throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. We understand that your business is more than just a paycheck, but is something you have invested yourself in. We are listed among, 10 Best Debt, and TopLawPractices because we know the law and we prioritize our clients’ needs with each case we handle.

It’s Time to Protect Yourself

When problems between partners come about, your only concern should be to protect your rights. This can include fiduciary duties your partners may have owned you that they failed to live up to. If you believe a partner of yours did not abide by their fiduciary duty or you have been accused of mishandling or misappropriating funds, you cannot afford to wait before speaking with a Los Angeles business litigation attorney.

Our firm can work alongside you to resolve the issues in question by way of alternative dispute resolution where we can offer you impartial legal advice, informing you as to your rights, and ensuring you are treated fairly at all times. If a compromise cannot be reached, we are unafraid of pursuing your claims to court in a partnership dispute lawsuit.

Business Litigation Attorneys You Can Count On

More complicated suits will require knowledge of the California Civil Code if the terms of the disagreement are not explicit in the partnership agreement. We work to avoid this at all costs due to the disruptions it can cause in the life of your business. Nevertheless, we will pursue all necessary avenues to protect you.

Oaktree Law handles business disputes with our clients’ best interests in mind, even if courtroom litigation is required to bring the matter to a close. You can trust us to navigate the complexities of business litigation law to see you through this difficult time.

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