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People enter into contracts all the time, on the part of businesses or on their own behalf.

Almost as common are disputes that arise over allegations that one party failed to live up to their end of the agreement. When such disputes come about and cannot be resolved, you need to retain a trustworthy Los Angeles breach of contract attorney who can work to end the disagreement before it becomes a burden on you and your business.

Oaktree Law is highly-experienced when it comes to all manner of business and civil litigation. As an A+ rated firm by the Better Business Bureau, we examine every inch of our client’s case before fearlessly protecting their rights. You can be sure that our firm will consistently look to defend you and your business’ future in and out of court.

Types of Contract Breaches

Because of the often contentious nature of contracts and the minute details involved, you are best served to have legal counsel with you to review all such documentation prior to signing them. Once you have signed a contract, different types of breaches can come about.

  • A minor or partial breach permits the non-breaching party to sue for damages but not for specific performances given.
  • A material breach is more serious, allowing for a lawsuit over damages including restitution
  • Repudiatory or fundamental breaches allow for the aggrieved party to sue for damages and to end the terms of the contract.
  • An anticipatory breach permits the non-breached party to consider the contract as null and sue for damages even before the service is finished.

At Oaktree Law, our Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys look at the big picture—we work to save you time and money which could be wasted in litigating your case to trial by finding a mutually agreeable settlement quickly. We work to limit the disruption to your business and your life and protect your from any negative publicity related to your dispute.

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There are many aspects of your case which must be considered, making it all the more imperative that you speak with our Orange County business litigation lawyers as soon as you can regarding your dispute over a contract.

Whether you have been accused of not fulfilling a contractual obligation or you are considering filing a suit, you deserve a dependable advocate in your corner who understands the law as it relates to contract disputes. Call Oaktree Law and protect your name and your business.

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