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Stop Wage Garnishments

If you are struggling under the weight of excessive debt, losing 25 percent of your income to wage garnishment can be crippling. A number of defenses are available, including a bankruptcy filing. A skilled Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer can help protect your family’s lifeline and stop wage garnishment in California.

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Oaktree Law attorneys can help you negotiate for practical repayment terms with your lender. If they are unwilling to compromise, our legal experience can guide you towards sustainable debt relief.  As a highly experienced law firm listed among, 10 Best Debt, and TopLawPractices, you can trust our advice is sound and we can protect your rights.

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Stopping Wage Garnishment in Southern California

Collectors have no right to order a wage garnishment from your employer until a judgment has been rendered against you in court. Even then, there are ways to interrupt deductions from your paychecks.

When threatened with wage garnishment, an answer to the lawsuit will delay the collection process. If wage garnishment has already begun, filing a Claim of Exemptions can demonstrate that all of your current income is crucial for your family’s necessities. Your bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles can also help submit a financial statement that itemizes your income and expenses.

In such cases, it may also be time to consider bankruptcy. The automatic stay issued with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing will immediately stop wage garnishment in California.

Of course, bankruptcy will always have consequences. But it may be a better option if such actions are being taken against you. When bankruptcy is unavoidable, filing allows you to begin rebuilding your credit sooner.

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Under the threat of wage garnishment, your family’s case can quickly worsen.

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