Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

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If you recently went into default, your mortgage holder may agree to a deed in lieu of foreclosure. In exchange for the deed, the lender would release you from the mortgage. With a hardship, you may even be free and clear within 90 days. Orange County Foreclosure Attorney Oaktree Law attorneys can negotiate an agreement […]

Consent Foreclosure

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If your lender has already taken legal action, a consent foreclosure can protect against future losses. There may be court costs, but you will be shielded from a deficiency judgment, or liability for the unpaid balance of a mortgage after a foreclosure or sale. Orange County Foreclosure Attorneys Oaktree Law attorneys can determine quickly whether a […]

Bankruptcy with Foreclosure Defense

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If foreclosure proceedings have already begun, a synthesis of bankruptcy and foreclosure defense may be appropriate. By first filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed which will stop the sale of your home while we pursue a course of action suited to your circumstances. Trusted Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Oaktree Law is experienced in […]

New Report: Mortgage Default Risk Remains High

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A new report issued by the American Enterprise Institute indicated that the national mortgage default risk remained high in March, even though it dropped slightly from February. The group’s National Mortgage Risk Index (NMRI) measures the percentage of homeowners who would default on their mortgage in the event of another economic crisis. The AEI’s International […]