Unlawful Detainer & Post Foreclosure Eviction

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If you have been foreclosed on in error or wrongfully, filing an unlawful detainer will permit you to remain in your home until such time as the issue is resolved, giving you the time to contest your eviction.

If you have received notice of an unlawful detainer, you cannot afford to do nothing—speak with one of our highly-trained Los Angeles real estate attorneys to protect yourself as soon as possible.

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Being handed a Notice to Quit is the beginning of the post-foreclosure eviction process, and you will have a given number of days to leave your home. The new owner will have to file an unlawful detainer suit against you if you do not leave.

Landlords can try to evict tenants in the event that the tenant:

  • Does not pay rent on time
  • Somehow breaks the lease or rental agreement
  • Does serious damage to the property
  • Disturbs other tenants and neighbors to the point of being a nuisance
  • Makes illegal use of the property

After receiving an unlawful detainer notice, you can’t wait to retain a skilled Orange County real estate attorney. At Oaktree Law, we are also experienced foreclosure attorneys as well, meaning we know how to protect your home.

There are penalties involved if you choose to do nothing after being served, including monetary fines. At Oaktree Law we know that many times, tenants are the victim of predatory lending, bank negligence, or fraud, and we can uncover such malfeasance so you can keep your home. We can examine every aspect of your case to make sure your rights are ensured at all times.

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