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Two parties with competing claims to the same property can result in a Quiet Title action to settle in favor of one of the parties.

Actions which can give rise to a quiet title claim include when neighbors dispute the actual boundaries of their property, and a court would then decide on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. If you are contesting ownership of all or a part of your real estate, you need a skilled Los Angeles quiet title attorney to help you determine the best course of action.

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A quiet title action may be necessary if you are attempting to obtain a loan or title insurance on the property. All titles need to be cleared up prior to it being insured, pledged, or transferred.

If you are the plaintiff in a quiet title action, on top of filing a lawsuit, you will need to issue a lis pendens, meaning “notice of pending action” to give notice that a lawsuit is pending over the title to the property in question. This will usually dissuade other potential buyers from purchasing the property until the dispute is taken care of.

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No damages are involved in quiet title actions, and they are most often argued before a judge without a jury present.

No one should be fighting a quiet title battle on their own: real estate law is complicated, which means you need a dedicated Orange County real estate attorney to help you through every phase of such an action. You can rely on our firm to give you the legal counsel you need form the beginning and the advocacy to see your case through to the end.

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