Broker & Lender Misrepresentation

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If a mortgage broker or lender has deceived you in the buying or selling of your property, you could be stuck with a mortgage you can’t afford.

Brokers and lenders are obligated to always act in good faith: when they fail to live up to this standard, you have an advocate in our dedicated team of Los Angeles real estate lawyers who can fight back and potentially have the dishonest deal undone.

You need a reliable attorney when you have been taken advantage of. This is where Oaktree Law can step in to ensure your rights. Our thoroughgoing understanding of real estate law and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau mean we can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Trust our firm to always stand beside you when you have been victimized.

Don’t be mislead by a broker or lender!

You are entitled to accurate information regarding any property you are about to purchase or sell, and regarding the potential consequences. Sadly, sometimes brokers do not disclose all relevant information or even offer misleading advice, and lenders can misrepresent data tied to their client’s income, credit, debt, or property value in order to profit form the loan transaction.

Types of misrepresentation include:

  • Innocent misrepresentation — when someone could reasonably believe a false premise is true, but the inaccuracy results in considerable damages to the other party.
  • Negligent misrepresentation — when someone fails to discern if the information they present in true or not, yet they continue to use the information to make a sale.
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation — intentionally obscuring or omitting information to make a transaction. This includes making false statements or ignoring the fact that the information is not correct.

Take Action Against Dishonest Brokers & Lenders

If you suspect your broker or lender misrepresented important facts in some way, you need to speak with a qualified Orange County real estate attorney who can push back against unscrupulous broker practices.

Our dedicated firm can examine all the details of your case and the transaction in question. If the property was defective in some way which the broker tried to hide from you, or if the documentation contained false data, we can fight to have the transaction reversed.

You need representation you can trust when something so valuable as your home is on the line. Look to Oaktree Law to stand up for your rights and put your best interests first. Call us now to discuss your case if you feel your broker or lender may not have executed any transactions in good faith.

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