Scott P., Santa Monica

I had found OakTree Law through one of their ads. I called and spoke to one of their staff who turned out to be very knowledgeable. Personally, I hate it whenever I speak to a “salesperson” who does not know much or anything about the technical details I am calling about. With OakTree Law, that was not the case and in fact, while we were on that initial phone call, she punched #’s on a calculator and thought my case was one that was “do-able”. She also looked up my property market value on an online site and so therefore she had something to base her thinking on. —as opposed to wishful thinking. All of that was done on my 1st call and so I felt that it was worthwhile to drive to their office about an hour from me and talk in person. Again, I was able to meet the staff who actually does the work,talks with the lender,etc so that made me feel confident it was worth a chance. OakTree started working on my case in Jan and reached a successful modification in May. So, I can recommend OakTree as very competent–and they answer the phones as well!— which is something I always put a lot of stock in.

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