Herman P., Inglewood

Thanks OakTree Law for helping me stay in my home:

I find that it is not just neat, but absolutely great when you can get the help you need at a critical time.

My home was/is upside down, I was unable to pay the mortgage, and I needed help to stay in my home.  How I got into this circumstance is not relevant, but I will tell you anyway.

I used to own five rental properties purchased with equity from my primary home, which is now under water.  And then the bottom fell from real estate investments.   Rental houses were now worth less and I couldn’t rent them for enough to cover costs, and so I began to lose money – first the rental properties, and then I was about to lose the home in which I have lived 23 years.

I had talked to friends and colleagues who had coordinated their own loan modification successfully, and yet I needed help right now to avoid foreclosure.  I didn’t have time for trial and error…

OakTree Law gave me 60 minutes of free consulting during which I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.   I had talked to other companies that offered free consulting; they didn’t stand out as did OakTree Law.

Two weeks later I told Marissa I wanted to work with her, she told me what documentation to assemble, and we arranged our next meeting.  I will tell you than I consider myself rather well organized, which made it quite easy to meet Marissa’s documentation requirements.

My second and last meeting with Marissa lasted 2 hours during which time I filled in forms, she assembled financial information before calling and establishing prerequisite arrangements with mortgage servicer, I crafted a hardship letter, and all the required documentation was faxed to mortgage servicer then and there.

Three weeks later I was informed by mortgage servicer I had been accepted for trial loan modification.  I have since completed trial payments and loan mod is now permanent.  My monthly mortgage is reduced from $2,540 to $1,325, a reduction of more than $1,200/month.  Specifics of my loan modification include a 2% interest rate; maturity is extended to 40 years, and forbearance in the amount of $110,000.

Thank you, OakTree Law for your efficiency and your effectiveness. Thank you, Marissa for being so good at what you do. You knew what was needed, when it would be needed, you knew the ins and outs of the process and you went about it with a purposefulness I genuinely appreciate and admire.  Marissa, you ROCK…

With much appreciation,

Herman Powells

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