Rebuilding Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy?


When you file for bankruptcy, it can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years. You may wonder what good discharging your debt has done. However, it’s possible to start rebuilding your credit soon after your bankruptcy filing. In fact, lenders can look upon your lighter debt burden favorably. There’s also no possibility […]

Why Choose OakTree Law?


There comes a time in every law firm’s lifespan where we have to shamelessly promote ourselves and toot our own horn. This would be that time. There are a million reasons why we believe that OakTree Law is at the top of our class, but allow us to outline those reasons here. Life is full […]

What Causes the Need to File Bankruptcy?


People often associate bankruptcy with a way to deal with the consequences of uncontrollable spending. However, as a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, we know reckless spending isn’t often the reason someone files for bankruptcy. There are some major events in life that can play a role. Many of these aren’t situations you can necessarily avoid. […]

Keeping Your Property in Bankruptcy

Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer - Gavel on sounding block at courtroom for decide home insurance Law and justice concept Settle a house dealing lawsuit.

Reliable Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney One question posed to nearly every bankruptcy attorney by those considering filing for bankruptcy is “will I lose my home?” The fact is, most people can keep their property during bankruptcy in California, even if they are behind on their mortgage payments at the time of filing. When you work […]

Bankruptcy Myths

Oaktree Law - Bankruptcy Defined: Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Myths Bankruptcy is a hard decision to make and many people worry about the long-term effects and negative reputation that may come with a bankruptcy filing. The social stigmas of bankruptcy have diminished as the economy has forced many people into situations they never thought they would be in. While bankruptcy may not be […]