Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Title Deed & Keys - Foreclosure Attorney in Orange County

If you recently went into default, your mortgage holder may agree to a deed in lieu of foreclosure. In exchange for the deed, the lender would release you from the mortgage. With a hardship, you may even be free and clear within 90 days. Orange County Foreclosure Attorney Oaktree Law attorneys can negotiate an agreement […]

Stop Wage Garnishments

Paycheck: Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

Stop Wage Garnishments If you are struggling under the weight of excessive debt, losing 25 percent of your income to wage garnishment can be crippling. A number of defenses are available, including a bankruptcy filing. A skilled Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer can help protect your family’s lifeline and stop wage garnishment in California. Get Your […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices

Older Couple - Fair Debt Collection Practices: LA Bankruptcy Attorney

Both federal and state laws limit the tactics that collection agencies can use when contacting you. California’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifically outlines your rights as a state resident. A skilled Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney can take action against collection agencies that employ harassment and intimidation. Fair Debt Collection Practices & Your Rights Oaktree […]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles

If you own a business or have a high net worth, you can file for bankruptcy without selling all your assets.Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help reorganize your debt and discharge some of it. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at OakTree Law can help you navigate the complexities of the process, use it to relieve the […]