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Torrance, California, is a city of about 147,000 people in southwestern Los Angeles County, close to the Pacific Ocean. Residents enjoy warm temperatures and sea breezes year-round and 30 city parks. Founded in October 1912 and named after famed real estate developer Jared Sidney Torrance, the city hosts cultural events at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. It’s also home to several venues where the Torrance Performing Arts Consortium hosts shows by local performances groups.

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OakTree Law is a consortium of attorneys trained in many areas of California law. Whether you need a bankruptcy lawyer, a Torrance real estate attorney, or a personal injury attorney in Torrance, we are here to assist you. Our team can help clients with various financial and litigator matters. During an initial consultation, we evaluate your individual circumstances, gather information, and put together the right documents to help you achieve a positive outcome.

Bankruptcy Services

We can help you regain control of your finances whether you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, lenders are threatening to foreclose your home, or credit card debt has gotten out of hand. Our Torrance bankruptcy attorney can explain the details and find a bankruptcy solution that works for you. Bankruptcy is often stigmatized, but can be a great way to re-organize your finances and avoid foreclosure, wage garnishment, and other actions. We offer:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: If you’re buried by credit card payments, medical bills, and other unsecured debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help. It’s a wise consideration if your debts would take five years or more to pay off or exceed half your yearly income. Under this plan, you can discharge large amounts of debt. The court will also issue an automatic stay on collections actions including calls from creditors and threats of lawsuits. You can get rid of credit card and IRS debt, wage garnishment, and tax bills over three years old.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Reserved for individuals with a high net worth, it also keeps a business in operation (unlike Chapter 7 in which it must cease operations) and the owner in control. You can also discharge your debt and protect assets. An automatic stay on foreclosure and collections activities is in place once the petition is filed, while we help to formulate a payment plan you can afford. A debtor in possession, you have the powers to administrate your own bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: If you’re earning a regular income, but are deep in debt, you can qualify for this option that gives you an opportunity to create a payment plan to repay your debts over a three- to five-year period. Co-signers of loans are protected as well. You’re also shielded from foreclosure and forced sales. However, your creditors must approve of the plan before it is finalized.
  • Chapter 20 Bankruptcy: Allows you to discharge debt and create a payment plan. This combination approach requires filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and then a Chapter 13 bankruptcy; sometimes both can be filed at the same time. Chapter 20 is a solution that helps those with high amounts of unsecured debt and who are behind on mortgage payments. For approval, the court will need to be convinced you can handle your new financial obligations.

Other Legal Services

Our Torrance attorneys can also help resolve legal disputes, manage estate planning, and file personal injury claims. Here are the legal services we specialize in:

  • Business & Civil Litigation: We’ll gather all the information needed to defend your rights. Although our team is experienced with the trial process, we can often resolve matters through negotiation or mediation to avoid a prolonged, expensive court case. Civil claims can be quite complex. Our firm specializes in breach of contract, corporate/partnership dispute, construction, real estate, insurance bad faith, intellectual property, wrongful termination, theft of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud cases.
  • Estate Planning: Our estate planning attorney in Torrance helps build a strategy to determine how your property will be distributed upon your death or incapacitation. Decisions on inheritance can be made ahead of a tragedy, after which family members may have difficulties making decisions. But you can protect your wishes and distribute property to intended beneficiaries (even shield them from probate court and certain estate taxes) by drafting wills, living trusts, advance health care directives, or a durable power of attorney.
  • Foreclosure: When you need a foreclosure attorney in Torrance, we can provide solutions ranging from loan modification to bankruptcy, short sale negotiation, or deed in lieu of foreclosure. We also specialize in mortgage litigation. Our team starts by assessing your financial situation, and can help address your struggles head on so you can stay in your home, catch up on your mortgage payments, and get back on your feet.
  • Personal Injury: Serious injuries can leave you facing long recoveries, time out of work, and a mountain of bills to pay. If you are harmed in an accident that’s someone else’s fault, we can help you find financial compensation by reconstructing the accident, proving fault, and negotiating with insurance companies. We assist clients hurt in car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents as well as slip and fall, medical malpractice, defective product, and dog bite cases.
  • Real Estate Law: We can help Torrance clients with contract negotiations, contract review, and corporate planning for real estate investment. Our attorneys understand the law and your options in eminent domain, eviction, and landlord-tenant dispute cases. You can even consult with us for help with residential and commercial property sales, closings, leasing, and title review.

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Whether you’re facing large amounts of debt, need help with a business dispute or estate planning, or are in danger of losing your home, OakTree law can provide various types of legal help. Our bankruptcy lawyer or foreclosure attorney in Torrance can assist you in the most complex of cases. Whether it’s fighting for your rights or helping you find the right financial solution, you can depend on our Torrance attorneys for assistance every step of the way. Call or request a free evaluation today to get started.