Julie J. Villalobos

Julie J. Villalobos - Oaktree Law Foreclosure Attorney

We are passionate about helping people. Our firm is like a family and we welcome clients into our home here at Oak Tree.

Mark Hoffman

Mark Hoffman - Oaktree Law Bankruptcy Attorney Orange County

I feel good knowing that when people leave my office they are both better informed and empowered to change their situation.

Todd A. Fuson

Oaktree Law - Todd Fuson, Attorney

I care about the client; much of what I do is goal driven, and it is vital to understand what the client wants, and then I work carefully to achieve those goals.

Larry Fieselman

Larry Fieselman - Oaktree Law Bankruptcy Attorney Orange County

I enjoy analyzing a client’s problem, providing advice, and moving on to a beneficial resolution.

Christina Kim

Christina Kim - Oaktree Law Attorney in Los Angeles

My goal is to utilize all possible avenues of the law to help my clients.

Iman Sorat

Oaktree Law - Iman Sorat, Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

I like the look of relief from my clients when I inform them they have options to tackle their problem.

Justin Kirk

Justin Kirk - Oaktree Law Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorney

I interact and guide my clients from their initial consultation to final resolution of their cases.

Rex Pitts

Rex Pits; Oaktree Law; Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys

Because we offer such a wide variety of services, we find the option that really fits the client the best.