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Garden Grove, founded in 1874, is located southeast of Los Angeles in northern Orange County. Home to over 170,000 people, the city is known for its Strawberry Festival, which attracts an estimated 250,000 visitors each Memorial Day weekend. It includes many festivities, including cutting the largest strawberry shortcake in the world. Performance venues in Garden Grove include the Gem Theater and Festival Amphitheater, where the Shakespeare Festival is held every summer.

OakTree Law is proud to serve Garden Grove. Providing legal representation to clients across Los Angeles County and Orange County, our firm specializes in helping find debt relief options. Our attorneys can help with filing bankruptcy but also specialize in loan modification, mortgage litigation, and helping people who need a foreclosure attorney in Garden Grove. Providing options and an up-front quote, our attorneys allow you to choose how to proceed and are there at every step of the process. We’re also committed to helping you understand your legal rights and all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to your situation.

Should I File Bankruptcy?

Many people have a negative view of bankruptcy. However, the results can be quite positive. Depending on the form of bankruptcy you file, you can discharge debt, cease collections activities, and avoid foreclosure or wage garnishment. It can be an effective way to restore your financial footing. You might even protect home equity, jewelry, and other assets you own. To protect your interests, we can help you file:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Would it take you over five years to pay off your debt? Is what you owe more than half of what you earn in a year? Here’s a solution to discharge debt including credit card balances, medical bills, and what you owe the IRS. A court-issued automatic stay will cease collections calls, threats of lawsuits, wage garnishment, and old tax bills from three years ago or earlier. Chapter 7 is primarily for unsecured debt, which isn’t tied to any type of personal property.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Enables high-net-worth individuals to stop the foreclosure process or collections actions. It can also be used by businesses owners who want to keep their business going and stay in control (whether a partnership, sole proprietorship, or corporation). You are still responsible for paying back your debt, although our Garden Grove bankruptcy attorneys can help you with an affordable payment plan. Plus, you have full control over administrating your bankruptcy until your situation improves.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Wage earners with a solid income stream can file if they have large debts. When we file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it gives you a three- to five-year payment plan that must be approved by your creditors. Your monthly income determines the length of the repayment plan, while bankruptcy stops the foreclosure process, so your family is still in possession of the property. If you have co signers on a loan, they will be protected by the plan too.
  • Chapter 20 Bankruptcy: Combines aspects of both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It may involve filing one then the other, or both concurrently. You can have unsecured debt discharged and create a suitable payment plan for what is left on, for example, a mortgage loan. You might need to incur the cost of both bankruptcies, and court approval depends on its assessment of whether you can work in good faith and meet your new financial obligations.

Other Legal Services

Clients in Garden Grove can also depend on our legal team for help with:

  • Business & Civil Litigation: If you are experiencing a contract dispute or matter involving a corporation or partnership, construction project, real estate deal, fraud, or breach of fiduciary duty, we can help. We also take on insurance bad faith, intellectual property, and trade secret theft cases. First, our business litigation attorney in Garden Grove will gather all the information you have. Then we’ll find the most practical solution to resolve the matter, preferably via negotiation or mediation, but also in court if necessary.
  • Estate Planning: Planning ahead can work in favor of your family and intended beneficiaries should you die or become incapacitated. Our Garden grove Estate planning attorney can work with you to determine your wishes and how to present them in a will. Doing so avoids difficult decisions and disagreements later. Beneficiaries can even avoid estate taxes and probate court. We also provide legal help if you need a living trust, durable power of attorney, and advance health care directive.
  • Foreclosure: We offer solutions so you don’t have to face financial struggles alone. With an experienced foreclosure attorney in Garden Grove, you can be protected by some effective legal options. Have you defaulted on your home mortgage loan? We can help avoid a lawsuit and stop foreclosure, whether foreclosure defense or bankruptcy is the best option. We can also guide you through loan modification, bankruptcy, short sale negotiation, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or mortgage litigation.
  • Personal Injury: Victims of vehicular accidents, slip and fall incidents, dog bites, and medical malpractice are often in need of financial support. We can work with insurance companies to get you compensated for injuries caused by another party. Reconstructing the accident, our personal injury attorney in Garden Grove can prove fault and employ various litigation techniques to tilt a settlement decision in your favor.
  • Real Estate Law: Our Garden Grove real estate attorney can assist you with eminent domain cases, landlord-tenant disputes, eviction, contract negotiations, and real estate investment at the corporate level. We specialize in commercial and residential property sales, closings, title review, and leasing as well.

OakTree Law: Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney in Garden Grove

From loan modification and bankruptcy to foreclosure defense, estate planning, and personal injury settlements, OakTree Law provides clients with a comprehensive range of services, including debt relief. Each legal plan is crafted based on your case’s unique circumstances. We provide an up-front quote and assign an attorney to you, who educates you on your legal rights and options, and stays by your side until the matter is settled. To learn more, call today or request a free evaluation online.