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Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Helping Los Angeles and Orange County

Struggling to meet your current housing costs? Blocked from modifying a crippling loan? Or simply unable to market a home that has lost significant value? Mortgage holders benefit when you are unaware of your rights. But an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer can provide powerful legal tools and may be able to offer real foreclosure help in Orange County.

Oaktree Law specializes in foreclosure defense throughout Southern California. Our experience can help guard your family’s financial freedom and stop foreclosure in Los Angeles.

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Be Proactive and Save Your Home with Foreclosure Defense

Don’t wait for lenders to make the first move. Depending on the type of loan, just a few missed payments can result in a Notice of Default. At that point, foreclosure filings have begun and you already need foreclosure help.

Orange County residents need to be proactive when trouble starts. In order to stay in your home and in control of negotiations, it’s important to act before formal proceedings begin. If you are at risk of default, we can help you manage the terms of your debt relief.

There is Help For Underwater Mortgages

Los Angeles and the broader Southern California region both offer options designed to help homeowners escape crushing debt. Are you aware of all the resources available? There are a number of strategies to stop foreclosure in Los Angeles before litigation becomes imminent. If you’ve decided to forego bankruptcy, our attorney is prepared to help in all the avenues state law provides, including trial.

If you’re not familiar with foreclosure defense law, we can guide you through the options that pertain to your property:

We can represent you in negotiations with your mortgage lender. And we’ll be by your side if litigation is necessary.

Strategic Mortgage Default

As real estate prices in Southern California continue to stagnate, homeowners often find it difficult to recoup their investment. If you haven’t already renegotiated your original mortgage, you may benefit from a strategic default. Often times, allowing a property into foreclosure can save years of fruitless toil.

A strategic default and foreclosure will always have consequences. But our attorneys can help weigh the costs to credit and the benefits to your future. Under the right circumstances, you may be able walk away from the burden of bad debt and begin again.

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