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LA and Orange County Consent Foreclosure Lawyers

If your lender has already taken legal action, a consent foreclosure can protect against future losses. There may be court costs, but you will be shielded from a deficiency judgment, or liability for the unpaid balance of a mortgage after a foreclosure or sale.

Oaktree Law attorneys can determine quickly whether a consent foreclosure is advisable in your case.

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When a Consent Foreclosure Helps

Our goal is to always help you stay in control of negotiations with your lender. But if foreclosure proceedings have begun, a consent foreclosure is one tool to help conserve your resources.

By agreeing to the foreclosure, untold hours of paperwork and appointments may be saved. As the foreclosure process is streamlined, the lender receives the uncontested deed and you may walk away free and clear. Most importantly, you can’t be subject to future claims from the mortgage holder if they’re unsatisfied by the results.

If you’ve chosen to forego bankruptcy and want to avoid a prolonged battle, a consent foreclosure may be appropriate for you. Our Orange County foreclosure attorneys can help safeguard your most important assets, your time and future earnings.

You Have Options

Contact us or call 800-535-1627 to speak with an experienced consent foreclosure attorney. Even if you have been foreclosed, there are tools available to help restore your security.