Tony M., Chino

I have tried on my own 3x’s with NACA to go face to face with my lender, Indymac. I had an adjustable pay option that would be adjusting this July. I was also underwater. Each time I was turned down because I was current and that my payment was within 31% of my income. Even though I was being proactive and trying to prevent a foreclosure, they wouldn’t help me. So this past January, my wife and I went to OakTree Law and got the results we needed. By March we received a 3mos. trial modification to start in April. Before our June payment, we received our permanent modification agreement! They offered a 2% for 5yrs, 3% for one yr, and 3.875% for 34yrs., plus removed $87K off the principle balance. Thank you Jesus Christ, and thank you OakTree Law for saving my family’s home! Continue praying, “Ask and you shall receive”.

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