Sonia M., Whittier

I have never given a review before but I am compelled to do so.  My family had enjoyed a stable living and income until my husband began to have serious unexplained medical issues.  He was not able to contribute financially and with only my income for my family, bills began to add up quick.  After exhausting our savings, my daughters college fund and selling what assets we could, we had no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection to save our home. We decided as a family that we would walk away from the home that we loved because there was no other recourse.  Days later we were notified by my husbands Dr. that he was diagnosed with MS.  Devastated, I can only describe our situation as dire.  I heard an ad on KFI about OakTree Law.  The radio announcer sounded sincere about their reputation and after a day or so I called.  I was EXTREMELY hesitant to talk to another lawyer but the minute I spoke to Julie Villalobos it was apparent that she cared……yes, cared!  She gathered more information and did more for me during my FREE initial visit than my entire 3 years with another attorney. It took Julie 4 days to file the appeal and get my case back in order.  We continued filing motions for an additional year so that I could juggle my finances and send my daughter to college.  Just last month I made my last bankruptcy payment and my case is closed! Julie and her team not only helped and did their job, they put a personal touch on the case by giving it their full attention and keeping me updated through email, phone calls, emails and texting. Julie is tenacious. I can’t believe the difference in services.  I have now begun the Loan Modification process with Marissa Pitts at Oaktree. Things are flying by and we should be filing next week.  I know better days are on the horizon and can only say that the radio ad set my family on a new course……THANK YOU OAK TREE LAW.

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