Mary L., Anaheim

Don’t hesitate to call them. They don’t play games and are not con artists. MANY people we know got taken for thousands of dollars by other companies without any results in modifying their loans and lost their homes. Some were so exhausted they gave up. Don’t give up, make this one last call.!!! We refer everyone here.

Our situation was crazy as it gets and it took a while extending the sale date monthly but we got our principal reduced $243,000.00-yes almost a quarter of a million dollars off the loan balance and an interest rate of 3.875% over a year ago.  It was so good we weren’t sure that it was real.

Round one down, now for round two. I have tax issues and need to file BK and I am going back with all the confidence in the world that it will be okay. We made payments last time and they are willing to take them again. Thank Heaven literally for OakTree Law. I can’t wait to start over. Like you, we aren’t losers just good people that made bad decisions and had things beyond our control happen. Do not feel ashamed to tell them your story and seek help. They WILL help you and not make you feel bad about having to take the legal steps to gain your life back and get a good night’s sleep again. They are not expensive. You would expect people this good to be out of your price range, not true! Call! Ours was a huge success story and I am sure yours will be too. If they couldn’t help I am 100% sure they would say so up front.

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