Larry W., Camarillo

I was referred to OakTree Law from another person that was helped by one of the owners of Oak Tree Law, so it gave me the confidence that they could really help me, because my mortgage company would not help me, and I had already been scammed by another Law Firm.
I had tried for two years to work directly with my mortgage company, but they rejected my loan modification at least 5 times, and each time they used a different excuse for not approving my loan modification.
OakTree Law was almost a 100 miles away from where I lived, but I had already experienced another Law Firm stealing five thousand dollars from me yet they did not help me, so I accepted help from OakTree Law since I knew another person that had been helped by them.
Even though OakTree Law was a two hour drive for me, it was well worth the drive since they were the only ones that I found who could help me.
They know what to do and how to do it. My loan modification was finally approved when others had failed to help me. I whole heartedly recomend OakTree Law.

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