Henry & Melissa, Chino Hills

Normally I do not give endorsements or recommend suppliers no matter how well they may have performed. However in this situation I decided to make an exception because it could help others realize the wonderful results we have achieved and possibly eliminate or reduce the tremendous stress associated with working with mortgage company’s and lenders.

I can’t  tell you how OakTree Law took such a stressful and complicated situation from my family when I was at a dead end with Chase Bank, on getting a modification, which my wife, and I fought for over a period of 18 months with customer service, and this one, and that one, talking and no one caring, we were ready to just give it up.

Then the faithful day, most would say fateful but faith is more to the point, that you entered our lives. From day one you put us at ease and immediately we felt as if our lives were headed back in a direction we knew and understood. Your knowledge of the system, especially Chase Bank, our lender, was critical. You explained the process, the cost, and what we could expect to happen. Surprisingly, it was exact and right on point.

The satisfaction and contentment with what OakTree helped us achieve has allowed us to move forward and back into our lives. Sounds weird to say back into and yet move forward but it does state how a peaceful continence, a sense of presence in the now, allows us to have the capacity to see a very bright future. You, Marissa, are a very large, and important piece of why we are headed into a future that is as welcoming and exciting as it has become. Melissa and I are impressed with your business acumen and tenacity. We knew that was what was needed when dealing with the institutions you had the unenviable task of working with. Fortunately for us, you knew what you were going into and what was going to be needed. Bottom line for us is that without you our world, our future would be completely different than the one we now find ourselves in. Melissa, and I thank you from the depths of our soul and count ourselves fortunate to have discovered a person of your abilities.

Thank You, Marissa, and OakTree Law.

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