Darren, Lake Elsinore

I had heard loan mods are hard to accomplish but with OakTree I had great success. No problems with hard to fill out forms or language that takes an enterperter to understand. OakTree walk with me from beginning to end. Any questions I had were simply explained and every phone call was answered by a live person on he other end. I hate ” leave a message and we will get back to you” and it never happened with OakTree. My bank seemed to drag there feet at a loan modification and it was OakTree that remained patient and persistent. They continued to call the bank on a daily bases and were relentless until my modification was complete. The bank had turned my case over to at least three different employees and each had to start the review from the beginning to find out where the process was. OakTree stayed on top of them and where I would have given up, they pushed forward and finalized the modification. I truly believe I could not have achieved a loan modification on my own and needed them in order to get it done. I sound like a commercial but in fact, I found them from a friends recommendation and have no ties with their company. Simply stated I could not be happier. They saved me from losing my house in a bad economy and I owe them this review out of respect for what they do.

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