Chris O., Upland

OakTree Law firm has helped me and my family not only save our home but thru Rex’s professional knowledge of up to date opportunity’s and laws pertaining to truth in mortgage and lending, we were able to have $188,000 forgiven from our principal, a bad arm loan changed to a 2.0% 30 year fixed rate…… my amazement once OakTree Law had all the paperwork asked of me, it took only 30 days to get my new modification.Ii was directed to follow up weekly and they took the time to explain that beyond the law, the loan servicing company handling my case were people with a job to do, and having a open line of communication with them weekly helped me and them, to get to a end result that we will forever be grateful to OakTree Law for. The right guidance and paper presentation it took to not only save our home but made it possible for us to regain a marketable home ….I will absolutely recommend OakTree Law to family & friends…………thanks again OakTree!!

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